§ 29. Obey orders first.

Zulfiqar Khan Bahadur Nusrat Jang had by order gone in pursuit of Hanumant [Rao Nimbalkar], the infidel commander [of the Marathas]. By chance he passed within four miles of the imperial encampment. So, he petitioned, “As it has happened by chance that I have to pass close to the Emperor's army, I consider it a breach of etiquette to go away without waiting upon your Majesty.” On the application the Emperor wrote, “Two things have been done by you contrary to good manners: first, why have you let the brigands pass close to the imperial encampment? This act was not free from bad manners, nay, it was likely to prove a fault on your part. Secondly, by not engaging in the work entrusted to you and by making a request contrary to it, you have shown disobedience. Obey God, obey the Prophet, and obey the commanders (kings) among you!”

Text.–Ir. MS. 21a & b.