§ 22. Unintentional contempt of “Court” punished.

One day when the Emperor was holding Court, Prince Muhammad Azam Shah stood up and made a request. At not getting a reply favourable to his desire, he grew angry and advanced so far that his foot touched the Emperor's seat (masnad). The Emperor in displeasure dropped the screen of the Court, went away, and forbade the prince to come to the presence. Nobody else had the power to intercede with him; but Shah Salimullah, [a hermit] of Nandurbar, said to the Emperor, “That the prince advanced his foot was not due to a spirit of daring, but to carelessness. Of him who pardons and makes peace, the recompense is from God.” Below the above [Quranic] verse the Emperor wrote,— (Verse)

“From the bank of safety into the sea of destruction, fell
That man who set his steps beyond his own limits.”

Text.–Ir. MS. 5b, MS. N. 32a & b.

Note.–When the Emperor dropped a screen in front of his seat at a darbar, it was a sign that the Court was closed. Then he retired to the harem by a door at the back of his seat.