§ 15. Royal Prerogative Infringed.

From the news-letter of the province of Kabul the Emperor learnt that Muhammad Muazzam Bahadur Shah, on the days that he held Court, used to sit on a platform erected one yard above the ground. The Emperor wrote on the sheet, [Verse]

“It is not by mere wishing that our works are done.
God's grace is required in every work.
You cannot secure the seat of great ones by [mere] rash acts.
Unless you have gathered together all the materials for greatness.

It is very strange that the confinement of so many years has not reformed the presumptuous mind of this proud and foolish [prince]. Two strict mace-bearers should be sent to make him get down from his seat in open Court, and to dismantle the platform. If they arrive [at Kabul] when he is not holding Court, they should wait till he does so, and then carry out my order, as a recompense for that which they do. The late Emperor Shah Jahan showed so much carelessuess and negligence towards his sons that the independent chief of affairs was turned upside down.”

Text.–Ir. MS. 2b.