§ 13. Infringement of Royal Prerogative.

From the letter of the spy of the province of Afghanistan, the Emperor learnt that Prince Muhammad Muazzam Bahadur Shah performed the traditional prayers after setting up canvas screens (kanat) in the Jama Mosque. On the sheet of the letter Aurangzib wrote, “Verily this matter is not unconnected with fear and cowardice, which are traits of this son's cha­racter. In spite of such cowardice, he ought to have a little fear of me, too. How did he dare do a thing which is the special prerogative of kings? The late Emperor Shah Jahan was negligent towards his sons, so that matters came to a pass that is notorious.” On the margin the Emperor wrote, “The nazir (of Kabul) is dismissed from his post and reduced in rank by a hundred troopers, as he has not written a single sylla­ble about this affair. Muharram Khan should recom­mend another nazir. Entirely change the jagirs of the news-writer and reporter [of Kabul]. I have not degrad­ed them in rank as they may be of service in future. The spy should quickly make another inquiry and report the facts. If it is true, the prince should be removed from the governorship and summoned to my presence.”

Text.–Ir. MS. 10a & b., not in MS. N.