§ 12. Infringement of Royal Prerogative.

From the news-letter of Kabul the Emperor learnt that Prince Muhammad Muazzam had at the time of holding Court ordered four drums to be beaten. The Emperor wrote, “The prime-minister should write to the prince a ‘Letter By order’ to this effect:—In the place of four drums you should beat four tabors, because it is the prerogative of Emperors alone to beat kettledrums while holding Court. When God gives you [the throne], you will [enjoy these imperial rights]. Why this impatience?”

Text.–Ir. MS. 3b. MS. N. 9b-10a.

Notes.–Prince Muazzam ascended the throne as Bahadur Shah I. in 1707. He was appointed by his father subahdar of Afghanistan in May. 1698.