AFTER paying the usual offerings of duty, I represent to the most sacred audience, that the sublime fir­maun, written altogether in your majes­ty’s own hand, which was issued on the seventh instant in answer to my petition, conferred its honouring arrival. From the perusal of the letters from the pearl-shedding pen, my eyes received immea­surable lustre, and my heart satisfaction and perfect gladness. God be praised that your majesty enjoys health and repose!

Health to my assisting benefactor! Of my own shame and regret what can be said by me? who, impelled by the decrees of heaven, through the divine will am fallen into such a dangerous whirlpool, and afflicted with external and internal troubles. They are already fully known to your majesty. I pray earnestly at the throne of the Eternal, that having found grace to study the approbation of your sacred mind, also opportunity to repair past errors, and obtain forgiveness of my crimes, I may perform such duties as will gain me your applause.* I also venture to hope, from the clemency and forbearance of your majesty, that such a criminal as myself may be remembered in your prayers.

In respect to public affairs, as I have already frequently represented to you, I am in perplexity, and what regrets do I not feel? Whenever the eunuch is wanted to write letters, issue orders, that he may attend to your sacred commands.*