AFTER the accustomed offerings of duty and affection, I represent to the sublime audience, that, after much lapse of time, the sacred pages written in your honoured hand, having cast the rays of descent in the neighbourhood of Bhind,* gave me a portion of honour in the perusal of their contents.

Your majesty enquires the cause of my distance and coolness. It cannot be unknown to you, that at the commence­ment of the events which have occurred by the mandates of the most High, (as your majesty had spent most of the hours of your life in experience of the vicissi­tudes of fortune) I hoped, that, regard­ing such occurrences as the decrees of heaven, you would not have studied to overthrow my plans, and procure the success of those of other persons.* Hav­ing founded my conduct upon the most virtuous basis, I intended, after cessa­tion of our struggles, to have studied entirely the satisfaction of your venerable mind, and by that means to obtain immortal reputation.

Though I heard that the cause of the prevalence of opposition, and the failure of my designs, was from the interference of your majesty, and that my brothers, acting by your sacred orders, sought my life, I attended not to reports, nor suffered my mind to swerve from the path of loyalty. At length, certain intelligence of your majesty’s unkindness repeatedly reached me; and finally, the note written by you in Hindooeh, to my brother Shujah, which proved the destruction of him and his family. I then was convinced that your majesty loved not me, and that, though the power was wrested from your hands, you studied that another should obtain rule, and my endeavours, calculated solely for the extension of religion, and the welfare of the state, be rendered useless. From this design you were not to be moved, and still remain obstinately bent upon it.

Driven to extremities, I was obliged to use the necessary caution; and becom­ing fearful of the arts of determined and powerful enemies, I could not execute what I intended.* To the truth of this declaration the Almighty is witness. As affairs have turned out, my mind can only be at ease when those two rebels,* who, twice consenting to the shame of defeat, have fled before me, shall have left the empire; or, by the blessing of God, being made prisoners, shall repose by the side of my brother.* “While the head of a rival in a kingdom rests upon his shoulders, that kingdom is full of disorder.”

If it is the will of God that the fate of my enemies shall end in either of the above ways, I shall no longer use cau­tion, which will then be needless; but till then, as it is clear that to trust the professions of the treacherous, after hav­ing repeatedly experienced their inveteracy, can produce no effect but disap­pointment and regret; your majesty’s having your abdaur khaneh* in the ghoossul khaneh,* now you reside entirely in the mhal,* cannot be permitted. The seal was placed upon your wardrobe solely on account of Mamoor’s* having sacrificed his life. Now another is appointed in his room, the usual raiment will be brought you without fail.

May grace to avoid eternal punish­ment be your friend!