AFTER presenting the customary offering of duty and affection, I represent to the sublime audience, that though it is long since, that sensible of my faults I have not, from much shame and diffidence, dared to place the foot of boldness in the path of petition, or to prefer requests; yet having lately been repeatedly honoured by presents of fruit from your majesty, I am become hopeful of your favour.

Having performed the prostration of thanks, I represent, that supposing your majesty did not at present feel pleasure in music, and there being no singers here, whose performances gratify my taste; I wrote to the eunuch Phûl, that having informed your majesty, he should send me the female singers of my late eldest brother, who are now idle and useless in the haram. It does not appear to me, why this should have hurt your gracious mind. If the cause is your wishing to retain them, I have others here, and they may remain with your majesty.

The verse of the koraun, with the interpretation, sent by your orders, arrived.* It is not unknown to your understanding, enlightened as the sun, (for I have repeatedly declared to your majesty, and now again, when the affair is concluded, assure you) that my assump­tion of my present perilous dignity, at the contemplation of the dangers of which any reflecting person must tremble with dread, was not through my own choice or ambition. How can the truly wise and virtuous, who believes in a future retribution, voluntarily accept such a power, and, notwithstanding the dif­ficulty he finds of governing his own passions, consent to take upon himself the burden of a world, and answer for its management in the day of general account? As the affairs of the empire were fallen into disorder, the subjects of every rank ruined by innovations, and the canons of our religion disused; impelled by Providence, I with anxiety gave up myself to this important office, necessarily complying with the forms of royalty, without which, to transact affairs was impossible. As I have removed such a heavy burden from your majesty’s shoulders to my own, relieved your pure mind from care-encreasing business, set your heart at rest, and involved my own in such innumerable troubles and anxi­eties; — if you would look with the eye of impartiality, you would find cause for approbation in my conduct, instead of blame. Could another person have managed such affairs more ably than myself — alas! that I should become captivated in such a snare! I will not use further prolixity.

May the happiness of avoiding future punishment attend your majesty!