IT was signified in the world-obey­ing orders, that the accounts of my jaghire had been sent to the noble lord, Shawnowauz Khan, from whom I should learn particulars; and that I must write to my children at Moultaun, ordering them to Lahore, that they may be ready to accompany me to Dekkan. Kibleh of my necessities, and kaaba of my desires, hail! To the fun-illumined mind of your majesty, which is a mirror reflecting the truth of all things, it must be clear, that the grand object of my wishes has ever been the attain­ment of your approbation. Always regarding every service to which I have been exalted as my sole glory, and obe­dience to orders as the means of honour, I have, without remonstrance or com­plaint, endeavoured with all my ability to perform it. At present, however, on the great difference between what I now hold, and the jaghire formerly granted me in Dekkan, I am much astonished and alarmed at what can have merited so great a diminution in my allowances as seventeen lacs of rupees,* or for what cause I have been displaced from the productive jaghire of Moultan and Bhukkir. If, from a wish to cherish and encourage me, the least of dependants, it has entered into the auspicious mind to exalt me to the government of an important province, let it be so granted, that I may be able to execute the office, and regulate the affairs of extensive and frontier districts involved in troubles, in such a manner, that I may not be exposed to shame among my equals, and that, failing not in my duty to the glo­rious presence, I may be secure from reprehension and displeasure. In pri­vacy,* the soubah of Buggellana, already granted to me, is sufficient for my expenses. As the reins of power over your dependants are in the hands of your majesty, and your bounties at all times are greater than their merits; doubtless, what is determined in your gracious mind must be just, and for my advantage.

Health to my benevolent patron! Your majesty must remember, that when the reduction of Candahar was first agi­tated, I recommended after consultation, that my brother Dara should be sent upon this duty, and myself detached in front as his advanced general. Now also, that he has taken upon himself this service, and his eldest son is honoured with the government of Cabul, may he prove fortunate! By God’s blessing, the unfolding of this difficult knot will be accomplished by the steadiness of his hand, agreeably to the hopes of his well-wishers. I hope (for, notwithstanding the trouble of such a campaign, a wish for the government of Dekkan, or any other province, enters not into my mind) I shall be allowed to remain here, and, by assisting my brother in the siege, atone for past errors. By the divine auspices, I may, by performing some piece of service, perhaps attain your majesty’s approbation. As it is the design of your sacred mind, in reward of taking upon himself this service, to con­fer upon my brother the valuable province of Guzarat in jaghire, and the money in the treasuries here also; I represent, that there are districts of the khalseh* and the jaghiredaurs amply sufficient. Further, whatever your sacred judgment may decide upon, must be most proper.

My having summoned the house­hold born* from Moultaun to Lahore, will have been made known to your majesty in my letter to the retired in purity, the navob Begum.

It was written by the honour-tracing pen, that if your majesty had judged I could have taken Candahar, the troops should not have been recalled. Health to the cherisher of his dependants! I wrote of my intentions, which must have been conveyed to your sacred ear. As an order arrived, peremptorily com­manding the retreat of the army, which was quickly reported to the troops, the advanced parties came in, and the men withdrew from the trenches; so that to execute the second command for a delay of one month, became impossible. On this account, by the advice of the vizier and all the other nobles, a retreat was begun; but had the countermand arrived in time, I think that, through the divine aid, we should in this month have succeeded.*