THE meanest of disciples, having kissed the ground of obedience with the lip of respect, represents to the glorious and sublime audience, that the high fir­maun* sent by Ameer Beg, mace-bearer, having made its honouring descent on the eighth of Shauban, exalted the head of your humble dependant above the firmament of the highest heaven.

It was written by the jewel-shedding pen, that, with such resources, it was wonderful the fort was not reduced. My benevolent patron, the supplies I had for the siege must be well known to your majesty, from the letters transmitted from Candahar by the most excellent prime of viziers; and all other particu­lars will be related by him, upon his arrival at court. It is clear to almighty God, that I, at all times impelled by my duty, and studying the accomplishment of your majesty’s commands, have to the utmost of my abilities left no point neglected. By God’s blessing, the cir­cumstances of my conduct will be fully explained to your judgment, clear as that of angels, and the touchstone of truth and falsehood.

It was written in the world-obeying order, “We are not to be induced to give up Candahar, but will find means for its reduction;” also, that if this humble disciple wished to take Shaw­nowauz Khan with me to Dekkan, and he was willing, I should inform your majesty. Health to the kibleh and kaaba* of both worlds! As the world-reducing genius of your majesty and your firmness are equal to the most dif­ficult affairs, I doubt not that the reduc­tion of Candahar, but that of all Persia, will be easily accomplished. It was my wish, whenever I could obtain proper force, by reducing this place, to attain the approbation of your majesty. At present, whatever your enlightened mind decides upon, must be just and proper, I have no choice, but to obey your royal orders. The favours bestowed upon me I regard as flowing merely from your bounty.

The world-obeying command was delivered to Shawnowauz Khan; who said, in reply, that as he should speedily be honoured by kissing the step of the throne, he would then esteem as his duty whatever might be the will of your majesty. Health to the kibleh of both worlds! The presence of a servant like him in Dekkan, is for the welfare of the state, and highly requisite.

May the world-illuming sun of your reign long shine from the horizon of conquest!*