YOUR affectionate friend, anxious for an interview, after offering his sincere respects, informs you, that your kind letter, written with the pen of favour in answer to my petition, having made its exhilarating arrival on Wednesday, the 2d of Ramzaun, afforded my friendly heart much satisfaction.

It was written that his majesty, besides the jaghire,* had given me Bug­gellana.* I have offered my grateful thanks for this mark of the royal bounty, and may God for ever keep extended over the heads of his dependants the heaven-like shade of his majesty! You tell me, that orders are issued for my having half my income in jaghire and half in money. My patroness, though to trouble his majesty, who knows all affairs, on such trivial matters, seems disrespectful and importunate, yet, as to provide the requisites of service is indispensible, I must unavoidably represent some particulars, on which, whatever the sacred judgment may determine must be right. You hint at some impediments in the fixing my jaghire; God willing, I will petition on that point after my interview; which, as it is the chief object of my wishes, will, I hope, soon take place.

To-night the worthy khan began his journey to court, and raja Jey Sing, with some other officers, accompanied him. I cannot express the greatness of my anxiety for a meeting; but this I know, that my heart is impatient.*