AT this period, ushering in good fortune and promising an happy conclu­sion, which is as the dawn of the sun of prosperity and success, and the crisis of power and authority—when the lofty soaring eagle of the world-reducing genius has expanded his wings in pursuit of his object——namely, to exalt the standards of the true faith of the prince of prophets, upon whom be benedictions —our virtuous intent is wholly directed to the undermentioned points—that, by the exertions of our victorious cham­pions, and the strong arms of our trium­phant heroes, the thorns of atheism and irreligion being rooted out of the ever-blooming garden of Islaam, the chief of apostates (Darah Shekkoh) with his followers and corrupters may be annihilated. Also, that the dust of contention may be allayed among the natives of the extensive regions of Hindoostan, emblem of paradise, which have till now been preserved from the schism of infidelity, and secured within the pale of faith, by the auspices and pious warfare of our glorious ancestors; for which, may the most high God reward them with salvation, and the faithful bless their memories!

Our brother, dear to us as life, most wise, fortunate, and glorious, having acted by the inspiration of true wisdom, the consequence of divine favour, and joined us in this meritorious undertak­ing, has ratified the ties of alliance and concord with sacred oaths. He agrees, that after the overthrow of the enemy of our religion and authority, and the establishment and regulation of the imperial affairs, he will remain constant in the path of attachment, and at all times prove our friend and ally. Being a friend to our friends, and an enemy to our enemies, he will not at any time act contrary to our wishes; but remaining satisfied with that part of the empire which we now leave to him agreeably to his request, will not demand more.

Therefore, out of our abundant kind­ness and affection, and regarding the points he has engaged to observe, it is written with our august pen, that, by God’s blessing, as long as nothing is done by our good brother contrary to friendship, concord, and alliance, our affection towards him will daily increase; and esteeming our advantage and loss mutual, we will at all times observe our agreement of assistance, and the articles of mutual interest and unity, in the utmost extent.

The kindness and affection we now profess for him, after the attainment of our wishes and the destruction of the abominable atheist, (Dara Shekkoh) shall be continued, and even increased; nor will we neglect a single point of our declarations. To substantiate our engagements formerly stipulated, we will resign to our dear brother the provinces of Lahore, Cabul, Kashmeer, Moultaun, Bhukker, Tatta, and all those parts to the shore of the Persian Gulph, without reserve, after the completion of the over­throw of the wicked atheist, and eradi­cation of the thorns and briers of con­tention and schism from the garden of our empire, bestowed upon us by God; till which period the accompaniment of that shoot of the tree of empire and good fortune is indispensible. We will then without delay dismiss him to those parts, nor make the least attempt to detain him.

To the sincerity of the above decla­rations, we call God and his beloved prophet as witnesses; and, for the greater satisfaction and reliance of our dear brother, have ornamented them with our seal, and the impression of our auspicious hand.*