Part III, Chapter III = LIII: On the Contemptibility of Avarice and the Meanness of Greedy Persons.
f199b f238b 1560 Introduction illustrated with a few lines from the poet Saná’í on the evils of Avarice. Alexander the Great’s encounter with the Faghfúr of Chín, who surprises Alexander by his visit, in disguise, and by the numbers of his army.
f200a f239a 1561 Núshírwán pleased at the motive of an aged man, who was planting a nutmeg tree for the benefit of his successors. (Anec. repeated. Cf. above, I, xvi, 887). (Cf. also N. S. N. p. 118).
f200b 1562 A monk notices a very edifying inscription on a tablet in one of the Egyptian tombs. (A quatrain on predestination, “Qadhá’”, cited.)
1563 The invitation of Sulaymán b. ‘Abdu’l-Malik, the governor of Sind, sent to Khalíl b. Aḥmad and his reply in verse.
1564 The fable of the toiling ant and the greedy wasp. (The Laṭá’ifu’l-Ishárát as the source (?)).
f239b 1565 The discontented guest of Sulaymán-i-Dárání.
f201a 1566 Ya‘qúb b. Layth’s tribute to Sahl b. ‘Abdu’llah at-Tustarí for healing him from an incurable disease, and the saint’s remark about worldly gains. (Cf. above, I, iii, 99).
1567 Hippocrates’s seclusion and refusal to treat the King.
1568 A beautiful and rich heiress requests Thábit-i-Bannání to offer her hand to Málik-i-Dínár, which the latter does not accept. (Cf. A. T. A. I, p. 42, ll. 6—11).
f201b 1569 The greedy cat of Muḥammad b. Aḥmad of Baghdád and the remark which he made on seeing her dead.
f202a 1570 The mania of a stupid person to become rich: his dream and the conse­quent disillusionment.
      The chapter ends with a eulogy on the Wazír.