Part II, Chapter XX = XLV: On the Excellence of Charity Towards Kith and Kin.
f168b f219b 1475 A discourse and exhortation on the above virtue. The appearance of the Imám Ja‘far b. Muḥammad ’aṣ-Ṣádiq before al-Manṣúr and the citation of the Holy Tradition bearing on the treatment of kinsfolk, and al-Manṣúr’s taking compassion on the ‘Alawí. (The Ta’ríkh-i-Khulafá-i-Bani’l-‘Abbás as the source, see above p. 47).
f169a 1476 Ibráhím b. al-Mahdí pleads guilty, appeals to al-Ma’mún, and obtains his pardon.
f169b f220a 1477 The Qádhí Ibnu’s-Sawwár of Baghdád restores the son of his old friend to prosperity. (See ‘Awfí’s transl. of T. F. S. [Ind. off. 1432] f5a).
f170a f220b 1478 An old Byzantine seeks the protection of a young soldier of the invading army of Maslama b. ‘Abdu’l-Malik who stands security for him because the old man chose him alone for that purpose; and in the end he proves to be the old man’s son, (See T. F. S. pt I, ch. V, p. 92—3).
      The chapter ends with a panegyric on the Wazír.