Part II, Chapter XIX = XLIV: On the Excellence of Fidelity to Promises and good Faith.
f164b f217a 1466 Introductory remarks about good faith, illustrated with quotations and lines from various poets. Ghádira, the favourite slave-girl of al-Amín, breaks her promise after the death of al-Amín and gives herself up to the wishes of al-Ma’mún; the apparition of al-Amín in the bridal chamber, and his warning and the death of Ghádira.
f165a f217b 1467 The infatuated Amír of Balkh, and his affair with the wife of the self-sacrificing merchant of Baghdád.
f166a f218a 1468 A dealer in coarse cloth, a disciple of the Khwája Imám Abú Bakr Fadhl­u’llah, a holy person of Bukhárá, earnestly appeals to his master for the release of his son, convicted of adultery, and secures it.
f166b f218a 1469 How Sa‘íd b. ‘Amr obtains the release of his old friend, Yazíd b. Muhallab, from ‘Umar II.
f218b 1470 The victory of Khudádád, the grocer, over the Khárijites, resulting from the observance by Fadhl b. Sahl of his old friendship.
f167a 1471 Isḥáq ‘Uqaylí’s fidelity to the Caliph al-Manṣúr.
1472 Generous treatment of Khwája Abu’l-‘Abbás al-Isfará’ini, the Wazír of the Sultan Maḥmúd of Ghazna, towards his old acquaintance Abú Ṣaláḥ, the tailor from Bukhárá. (The story is related on the authority of Abú Aḥmad ‘Abdu’llah b. Aḥmad the Faqíh, one of the contemporary doc­tors in the School of Balkh, founded by the Wazír Abu’l-‘Abbás).
f168a f219a 1473 A contemporary of Hishám b. ‘Abdu’l-Malik relates the glorious deeds of Hishám against the Byzantines without any fear of the Caliph al-Manṣúr, the traditional enemy of the Umayyads.
1474 How Abú ‘Abdu’llah rose to be the minister of the Caliph al-Mahdí, and fulfilled his promise to his colleagues, Aḥmad Abú Ayyúb and Aḥmad b. Abí Khálid. (This story resembles the legend of the Niẓámu’l-Mulk and his promise to his friends).
      The chapter ends with a panegyric on the Wazír.