Part II, Chapter XVI = XLI: On the Excellence of Asceticism and Piety.
f152b f210a 1429 A short introduction illustrated by a quatrain of Sa‘d-i-Káfí. The abstemious character of the early governors nominated by the Caliph ‘Umar, after the subjugation of the Persian empire.
f153a f210b 1430 The last advice of ‘Umar II to Maslama b. ‘Abdu’l-Malik.
1431 Salmán, the Persian: his mode of life as the governor of Syria, and what he left behind him.
f153b 1432 The appointment of Ḥudhayfatu’ bnu’l-Yamání to the governorship of Yaman by ‘Umar; his pious rule, and his reception by the Caliph ‘Umar on his retirement.
1433 The Caliph ‘Umar’s inspection of the province of Syria, and his astonishment at the self-denial of Abú ‘Ubayda b. al-Jarráḥ, the governor.
f211a 1434 The Amír Ismá‘íl, the Sámánid, quells the rebel Ya‘qúb b. Layth by order of the Caliph al-Mu‘tadhid, and rejects the bribe offered to him by Ya‘qúb b. Layth, from fear of the day of Judgment. (This story occurs in the Siyásat-Náma in a slightly different version on pp. 16—17, and in this book also, pt. I, ch. VI, 383, see above p. 79).
f154a 1435 The reason of ‘Abdu’llah b. Ṭáhir the Ambidexter’s selling his favourite slave Sa‘d.
f154b f211b 1436 Muḥammad b. ‘Abdu’llah b. Ṭáhir, the ruler of Khurásán punishes Ayyúb Shádán, his court-physician, for his impudence, and ‘Alí b. Ḥasan Sha‘ri (?) the courtier’s intercession.
f155a 1437 The fate of Kámil, the notorious slave, and ‘Ayyásh the courtier’s piety and action against the evil, at the command of Ghálib b. ‘Abdu’llah, the Amír of Khurásán. (The last three anecdotes are probably taken from as-Sallámí’s Ta’ríkh-i-Wulát-i-Khurásán, see above p. 46, Par. 1).
f155b f212a 1438 The Caliph al-Manṣúr’s intention to inspect the title-deeds of private property in Baṣra, and The Qádhí Ibnu’s-Sawwár’s grave warning as to the effect of the sighs of the oppressed.
f156a 1439 al-Manṣúr’s opinion about public and private rights.
1440 The silent complaint of the widow whose children were starving and the Caliph ‘Umar’s swift retribution and humble supplication. (Cf. N. S. N. pp. 128—9, see above, p. 82).
f212b 1441 The Sultan Maḥmúd of Ghazna’s earnest wish to pay a special visit to Khurásán in order to interview the saint Abu’l-Ḥasan of Kharaqán; and the blessing of the saint on the Sultán.
f156b 1442 The scruples of an ascetic who was making atonement for having picked up an apple without the permission of its three owners.
      The chapter ends with a eulogy on the Wazír.