Part II, Chapter XIII = XXXVIII: On the Excellence of Patience and Endurance.
f142a f203b 1394 Introduction. A consolatory epistle inculcating the value of endurance and patience in distress.
1395 The ordeal of the Prophet Dániyál, Bukht-i-Naṣṣar’s cruel dungeon, and how Irmiya was sent to his release providentially.
f142b f204a 1396 The imprisonment of Sulaymán b. Wahb, and his brother Ḥasan’s con­solatory lines, and the good omen taken from those lines, which effect his release and prove the value of patience in despair.
f143a 1397 The deliverance of Músá b. ‘Abdu’r-Raḥmán from imprisonment.
1398 The impudent and blasphemous conduct of a criminal aggravates his misery, till at last he invokes God and is released.
f143b f204b 1399 The mutilation and brutal assassination of Qásim b. Muḥammad b. ‘Abdu’llah b. al-Ḥusayn by the order of al-Mahdí.
1400 The calamities which befell Abú Ṣábir, his patience, his installation as the ruler of his native place and his vengeance. (Cf. Bakhtiyár-náma, Paris litho, pp. 45, 47—55, see also above, pp. 74—6).
f144b f205a 1401 Núshírwán the Just imprisons Buzurjmihr, his endurance and release.
1402 The advice of one of the Israelite Prophets.
1403 The advice of the Prophet to an Arab who was in distress.
      The chapter ends without any panegyric.