Part II, Chapter IX = XXXIV: On the Excellence of Generosity and Liberality.
f128b f195a 1331 Introduction. Occasion of the Qur’ánic verses on sacrifice for others even in times of dire personal necessity. How the one gift was circulated among 72 brethren and was returned at last to the first donor.
f129a 1332 Ḥusayn of Antioch’s story of the sharing of one loaf in darkness.
1333 Mutual sacrifices of the cousin of Ḥudhayfa b. ‘Adí, Hishám, and another martyr witnessed in the Battle of Tabúk.
1334 Shaykh Abu’l-Ḥasan Núrí, when accused of heresy along with a party of Ṣúfís who were sentenced to death, offers his head first.
f195b 1335 Shaykh Abú Sa‘íd Khargúshí’s story of an Egyptian, and his loan of half a coin.
f129b 1336 The Imám Sháfi‘í spends all his wealth in half a day during his stay in Mecca.
1337 The true meaning of generosity and the definition of a generous person.
1338 Ibn-i-Ḥátim or Bishr-i-Ḥátim’s self-denial and generosity.
1339 How ‘Abdu’r-Raḥmán Awzá‘í obtained 100 tímes more than what he charitably offered to his distressed neighbour.
1340 ‘Abdu’lláh b. Ja‘far aṭ-Ṭayyár liberates a slave after witnessing his humanity and self-sacrifice in saving the life of a dog.
f130a f196a 1341 Qásim-i-Ghassán (?)-i-Muḥammad Ṭá’í relates the story of how Yaḥyá b. Khálid the Barmecide lavished wealth and “offered it to the winds”. (The Akhbár-i-Barámika as the source, see above, pp. 38—9).
1342 The secret of Abú ‘Alí b. Ḥasan Símjúrí’s thirty years’ successful gover­norship of Khurásán.
1343 Fadhl b. Marwán’s account of al-Ma’mún’s anxiety to provide for the annual ‘Íd expenses, and Fadhl’s offer of al-Mu‘taṣim’s money from the reserved fund.
f130b 1344 Khwája Aḥmad ibnu’l-Ḥasan al-Maymandí the Wazír’s valuable suggestion to the Sultan Maḥmúd as to how to win the favour of the people.
1345 The self-sacrifice of a dervish in the days of the Caliph ‘Umar II, his offer of the last dirham for the sake of God, and his barter of the sackcloth for the fish that contained a precious pearl.