Part II, Chapter VIII = XXXIII: On the Excellence of trust and confidence in God.
f126b f193b 1324 Introduction. Two pilgrims on their way to Mecca, the question of provision or no provision, and the test of true confidence.
f194a 1325 Sabuktigín attempts to act up to the Prophet’s own precept, and inculcates upon Maḥmúd the value of trust in God, and how Maḥmúd achieves victory over the Khán of Turkistán.
f127a 1326 An instance of a Ṣúfí’s perfect confidence in the power of God.
1327 The Sultan Maḥmúd of Ghazna does not believe in astrologers, but puts confidence in God, and is ever victorious.
f127b 1328 An ascetic’s reproach at the anxiety of his friend about the former’s maintenance.
f194b 1329 An Israelite’s perfect confidence in God and his reward.
1330 The blessings of a verse from the Qur’án; the story of a wonderful rescue from a storm and a giant ending in a happy marriage.
      The chapter ends without any praise of the Wazír.