Part II, Chapter VII = XXXII: On the Excellence of Mercifulness.
f124a f192a 1318 Introduction illustrating the glory of the compassionateness of Moses. The pleasure of the Caliph ‘Uthmán at the dispersion of the revellers whom he had to punish in the interest of law and order. (The Ta’ríkh-í-Náṣirí as the source, see above, p. 61, ll. 38—41).
f124b 1319 Sabuktigín’s compassion for a deer results in his installation. (The Taríkh-i-Náṣirí as the source, see above p. 62, ll. 1—5).
f192b 1320 A cruel governor attains his salvation through an act of kindness to a scabby dog, that looked miserable.
1321 Another story of the redemption of a dissolute woman because she took pity on a dog. (The Ṣaḥíḥ of al-Bukhárí as the source).
f125a 1322 The saint Ḥasan of Baṣra’s advice to a brigand, and how the latter acted upon it, and was amply rewarded by a trader, whom he pitied and rescued from the clutches of his own gang.
f125b f193a 1323 Persistent revelry and drunkenness of an old sinner, and his trial in the court of the Caliph ‘Umar II: he finds fault with the sentence of the Caliph and is released.
      There is no eulogy at the end of this chapter.