Part II, Chapter II = XXVII: On the Excellence of Humility.
f3b f97a f175a 1194 A short introduction to the chapter. Ridhwán’s offer of an emerald casket to the Prophet, and the significant manner in which Jibrá’íl pointed towards the earth.
f4a * f175b 1195 The Amír Ismá‘íl b. Aḥmad the Sámánid is informed by the Prophet of the succession of his seven descendants, owing to the Amír’s having respected one of the holy divines of Bukhárá.
f97b 1196 The reverence and humility of the Caliph Hárún ín the presence of Muḥammad b. Ḥasan ash-Shaybání.
1197 A few instances of the Prophet’s humility and sacrifices for humanity.
* 1198 The Prophet waits on, and watches the clothes of, Ḥudhayfatu’l-Yamání while the latter was taking a bath. (The Musnad-i-Akhbár-i-Nabawí as the source).
f98a 1199 The Caliph al-Ma’mún prefers to walk in the sun, and keep the Qádhí Yaḥyá b. Aktham in the shade.
f4b f176a 1200 The interview of the Sultan Mas‘úd and the saint Shaykh Ḥusayn of Zanján.
1201 The Imám Ḥusayn’s at-home party to the children.
1202 The Caliph al-Mu‘taṣim’s help to an old man, and the story of his prosperity.
1203 Hárúnu’r-Rashíd pours water on the hands of Abú Qalaba.
f98b 1204 Sultán Sanjar’s reverence for Khwája Abu’l-Fadhl of Kirmán.
1205 The Caliph al-Manṣúr attends the funeral of Isḥáq (b.) Ibráhím ‘Uqaylí, his foe.
f5a 1206 ‘Umar II’s meekness: he would not allow any one but himself to perform menial services for his guest.
f176b 1207 How the Prophet freed himself from the children, and Bilál’s astonishment at the exceeding kindness of the Prophet.
f99a 1208 How Salmán-i-Fársí, the Governor of Syria, submitted to act as a bearer.
1209 The Caliph al-Mahdí delays the prayer at the request of an Arab.
        The chapter ends with a short encomium on the Wazír.