Part I, Chapter XXI: On the Anecdotes of Oneiromancers.
f230b f162b 1056 Introductory note on the significance and correct interpretation of dreams. The Caliph ‘Umar’s observation on dreams, that he was pleased, but not deceived by them.
f231a f162a 1057 Alexander’s dream during his Persian campaign, that Dárá threw him to the earth, interpreted by Buzurjmihr as his sway over the world.
* 1058 ‘Abdu’lláh b. Zubayr’s dream and Ibn-i-Sírín’s interpretation of it as his defeat at the hand of ‘Abdu’l-Malik and the succession of the four sons of ‘Abdu’l-Malik.
f163a 1059 Ibn-i-Sírín’s interpretation of Abú Ḥanífa’s dream of collecting the bones of the Prophet as the codification of the Islamic law.
1060 Omens before the birth of the Prophet Muḥammad.
f231b f163b 1061 The dream of ‘Átika, the daughter of ‘Abdu’l-Muṭṭalib, and its realisation in the Battle of Badr. (Kutub-i-Magházi indefinitely mentioned, see above, p. 101).
f231b * 1062 Abu’l-Faraj Muḥammad b. Ja‘far’s dream, and the assassination of Abú Muḥammad Makhlad at the hands of the Turks.
f232a * 1063 Mu‘áwiya’s dream about the succession of the Caliphate to the descendants of Marwán.
* 1064 Kundhur (?) the Ráy of India’s curious dream, and its interpretation by Mihrán, and the prophecy about Alexander’s invasion, and the 4 matchless things as redemption. (Akhbár-i-Iskandar as the source).
f232b f163b 1065 Núshírwán’s dream of a pig drinking with him from the same water, and Buzurjmihr’s interpretation and device to punish the criminals.
f164a 1066 Ya‘qúb-i-Kashsháfí’s interpretation of the dream of Sabuktigín as signifying the rise of his dynasty.
* 1067 The ominous dream of a notable of Baghdád, and the prophecy of an interpreter.
f233a * 1068 The ominous dream of Abu’l-Jaysh: its similarity with the dream of al-Mutawakkil and its similar interpretation.
f164a 1069 The dream of the Qádhí Bayánu’l-Ḥaqq Maḥmúd Níshápúrí about the rise of the Sultan Yamínu’d-Dawla Bahrámsháh of Ghazna (The Khalqu’l-Insán as the source, see above p. 66).
1070 The dream of the Khwája Buzurg Bihrúz b. Aḥmad, the Wazír of the Sultan Radhiyyu’d-Dín Ibráhím of Ghazna, and its fulfiment.
1071 The Caliph al-Ma’mún sees Aristotle in his dream, who gives him three counsels, in consequence of which al-Ma’mún adopts a benevolent policy.
1072 The dream of Sabuktigín at the birth of his son Maḥmúd in 361 A. H., and the coincident falling down of an idol in India. (The Ta’ríkhi-Náṣirí as the source, see above p. 61).
f233b f164b 1073 The Caliph al-Mu‘tadhid sees the Caliph ‘Alí in his dream, in prison, who prophesies his restoration to the Caliphate.
* 1074 How the Caliph al-Mu‘tamid carries out the order of the Prophet in dream and whilst in a state of unconsciousness, releases Manṣúr-i-Jammál and Aḥmad-i-Ḥaddád.
f234a * 1075 Abú Bakr Muḥammad b. ‘Alí aṣ-Ṣábúní is ordered by the Prophet in dream to receive the forlorn Muḥammad (b.) Azraq al-Anbárí, who was robbed on his way to Egypt.
f234b * 1076 Abú ‘Amr Qání’s story of the renewed prosperity of a youth, through the information conveyed to him by the dream of another person in Egypt.
* 1077 Ḥarima (?) b. Ḥázim, the Wazír, disgraces Ḥámid b. ‘Umar al-Ḥarrání, but dreams of the invocation of Ḥámid and bestows wealth on him in order to win his favour.
f235a * 1078 The simultaneous injunctions of the Prophet to ‘Alí b. ‘Ísá and an apothe­cary of the Karkh of Baghdád to offer and accept 400 dínárs, in order to liquidate a debt. (T. F. S.).
f16b4 1079 How Abu’l-Qásim Sa‘dí abandoned the habit of sodomy at the warning of Fáṭima, the daughter of the Prophet, in a dream. (T. F. S.).
f235b f165a 1080 Ibnu’l Furát dreams that the loaf given as alms by the mother of his opponent, Abú Ja‘far Bisṭámí, warded off his attacks on the latter.
f235b * 1081 A similar story — How Sharafu’d-Dín ‘Uthmán b. Ardashír was protected by loaves, while he was being punished by the order of the Sultan Ghiyáthu’d-Dín.
f236a * 1082 The Caliph al-Manṣúr wakes up after a dream at midnight and orders Rabí‘ the chamberlain to redress the wrongs of a prisoner at the gates of Shám or Damascus.
* 1083 Ibn-i-Abí ‘Awn the chief of the police of Baghdád’s curious dream, its realisation and the release of an innocent and falsely convicted person of Madá’in.
* 1084 How Músá b. ‘Abdu’l Malik is given the glad news of his release in a dream.
* 1085 A calamitous dream of a person about 12 deaths in his house during the plague. (al-Faraj ba‘da’sh-Shidda as the source.)
f236b * 1086 Niẓámu’d-Dín, the son of Burhánu’l-Islám, dreams of the exact quatrain in which the poet Fahmí had ridiculed the poet Samá’í-i-Iskáf (?). (On the authority of the author himself.)
f165a 1087 The dream of ‘Abbás, the uncle of the Prophet, and the interpretation of the Prophet concerning the successive stages of the Caliphate.
* 1088 The ominous dream of Wazzáh (?), the infatuation of Ṣáliḥa, the wife of the last Umayyad Marwán-i-Ḥimár, and their dreadful fate.
f165a 1089 The calamitous dream of al-Mutawwakil, in which he saw the Caliph ‘Alí giving him seven lashes with a whip, which punishment in the end was fulfilled by his being cut into seven pieces at the hands of the Turks.
      The chapter ends without any eulogy.