Part I, Chapter XX: On the Anecdotes of Physicians.
f228b f161b 1041 An introductory note on the science of medicine. Hippocrates, the father of medicine, hesitates to leave his native place and rejects the magnificent offer of Bahman b. Isfandiyár, the Persian king, through Filáṭús his own king.
f229a f162a 1042 A practical prescription of Hippocrates — the physician, the patient and the disease are three in number: victory can be easily achieved by the combination of the first two.
* 1043 How Hippocrates examines the cause of the disease of the love-stricken prince, the son of Filáṭús and plans his marriage.
f229a * 1044 How Minubal (?), the Persian physician, suggested a remedy to Ja‘far b. Yaḥyá the Barmecide in order to rid himself of a white spot of leprosy that had developed on his lip.
* 1045 How Minubal (?) detected the falsehood of an imbecile who used to boast of his extraordinary animal passion.
f229b f162a 1046 A curious treatment by Muḥammad ibn Zakariyyá ar-Rází, the famous physician. Haematemesis cured by making the patient swallow weeds called Jáma-i-Ghúk and thereby drawing the leech out of his intestines. (Cf. Arabian Medicine, p. 74—5).
* 1047 ar-Rází’s similar treatment of a similar disease. (Cf. Arabian Medicine, p. 75).
* 1048 A physician from Baṣra cures a slave of Ibnu’s-Ṣaydalání who had com­mitted an unnatural act.
f230a f162a 1049 Repartee of al-Ḥajjáj’s physician to an eunuch.
* 1050 How a physician at the court of al-Ma’mún wrote a book on the preventives of wrong diets.
f162a 1051 Wonderful treatment of apoplexy by Qaṭí‘, the Egyptian physician, — an apparently dead man restored to life by flogging.
1052 Another cure by the same physician — Locusts that had eaten the plant of Mádhariyún = Daphne oleoides or spurge-flax as a cure for dropsy (Cf. Arabian Medicine pp. 77—8).
f162b 1053 The joint-treatment of a dangerous disease by Aristotle and Sarnáb or Sarbát, the Indian physician. — The use of anaesthetics, the trephining of the skull, perfection of surgical knowledge in India —. (Cf. Arabian Medicine, p. 79).
f230b 1054 The famous physician Muḥammad ibn Zakariyyá ar-Rází cures an intestinal obstruction with mercury.
1055 Mání-i-Muwaswas cures a woman of a bloodsucking parasite in her womb.
      The Chapter ends without any eulogy.