Part I, Chapter XV: On the advice given by sages and holy men to rulers.
f196b f141b-
788 Introduction. Qádhí Sawwár b. ‘Abdullah’s advice to the Caliph Manṣúr about the conduct of affairs.
f142a 789 ‘Amr b. ‘Abíd (?) tells his experience about the heirs of ‘Umar II, and Hishám the Umayyad.
f196b f142a 790 Shaqíq of Balkh’s advice to Hárúnu’r-Rashíd about the duty of a Caliph.
f197a 791 Fudhayl b. ‘Iyadh’s solemn advice to Hárúnu’r-Rashíd.
f142b 792 Abú Ḥázim’s holy gift to Sulaymán b. ‘Abdu’l-Malik the Caliph, and the birth of ‘Umar II.
793 The interview of ‘Abdu’r-Raḥmán b. Abí Nu‘aym and the Caliph al-Manṣúr.
794 ‘Amr b. ‘Abíd reminds al-Manṣúr of the story of one loaf and a dish of “Sakbá”.
f197b * 795 Dhu’l Qarnayn’s visit to a land where the people had dug graves and used to eat herbs.
f142b 796 Sálim Sindí’s advice to ‘Umar b. ‘Abdu’l ‘Azíz — the warning from the fall of Adam.
797 Ibnu’s-Sammák’s advice to Hárúnu’r-Rashíd.
798 The interview of the Caliph Hárún and Buhlúl.
799 Maḥmúd’s visit to the Bímáristán of Ghazna, and a madman’s pithy remark.
800 Dhu’l-Qarnayn’s interview with Socrates.
f198a f144b 801 Manṣúr-i-‘Ammár saves the Qádhí of Baghdád from perdition by a clever suggestion.
f143a 802 Muḥammad ibnu’s-Sammák’s remark awakens Hárúnu’r-Rashíd’s conscience.
803 Hárúnu’r-Rashíd’s visit to ‘Abdu’r-Razzáq Ṣan‘ání, Sufyán b. ‘Utba and Fadhl b. ‘Utba during his pilgrimage, and the latter’s observations to him.
* 804 Khálíd b. Ṣafwán’s grave advice to the Caliph Hishám b. ‘Abdu’l Malik.
f198b f143a 805 Ibráhim b. Adham’s four instructions to a sinner for his atonement in the form of a story.
806 Abu’l-‘Abbás the commander-in-chief’s question to Abú ‘Alí Daqqáq.
f143b 807 The four accursed things that rust the soul, according to the saint Muḥammad Wási‘.
f199a 808 The three things forbidden by Luqmán the Philosopher to his son, and how the son tested the wisdom of the prohibition.
809 A judge’s unjustifiable mourning at the loss of his son, and how a monk’s admonitory question put him right.
* 810 Shaykh Abú Ḥafṣ-i-Kabír consoled by the touching remarks of a mad­man and a singer.
f143b 811 The advice of a sage to a Persian king; (the similes to be noted).
f199b f144a 812 Núshírwán the Just rewards two persons according to the comparative merit of their sayings.
813 ‘Umar II’s pithy counsel to his lieutenants.
814 Núshírwán’s dying injunction to Hurmuz about the wording of the inscription on his grave.
815 Shaqíq of Balkh’s three counsels to a camel-rider, who attempted, and was able, to walk on the water.
816 Núshírwán’s interview with a secluded monk and his advice to him.
f200a 817 Aristotle’s dying advice to his son to acquire the imperishable glory, i. e., Knowledge.
818 Ḥátim Aṣamm’s ordeal to control the birds on a tree before he is fit to preach.
f200a f144b 819 The admonition of a traveller dervish to a learned divine.
820 The submission of a proud divine and preacher of ‘Iráq at the warning of Ibráhím b. Adham.
821 Abú Ḥázim Laffáf’s experience of 60 years and his dying words about the efficacy of trust in God.
f200b f145a 822 Another pithy counsel of a holy man to his disciples.
823 Manṣúr-i-‘Ammár’s sermon to a king.
824 A slave-girl reproaches the Caliph Mahdí for his pomp; the Caliph is deeply moved.
825 The fable of two kinds of disasters; inference therefrom for the Caliph al-Mahdí.
826 ‘Abdu’llah b. Mubárak gives five reasons for the corruption in Islam.
f201a f145b 827 Wahb b. Munabbih recites to his audience Khidhr’s advice to Moses.
828 The advice of a Prophet to a Jewish philosopher who had collected and studied many books.
829 The four renunciations enjoined by Ḥátim-i-Aṣamm to a disciple of his.
830 Haṣan of Baṣra’s reply to one of the letters of ‘Umar II.
f201b f146a 831 Jealousy of ‘Iṣám-i-Yúsuf the Muftí of Balkh towards Ḥátim-i-Aṣamm.
832 Shaqíq of Balkh’s advice to an ascetic.
833 Shaqíq of Balkh’s enumeration of four things which save from perdition.
834 The clothing of an orphan by Sariyyu’s-Saqaṭí, and Ma‘rúf’s blessings on him.
f202a 835 The reception and first sermon of Yaḥyá b. Mu‘ádh Rází in Balkh.
f146b 836 Ibráhím b. Adham’s advice to a person.
837 Ibráhím b. Adham’s advice to an elderly man.
      The chapter ends with a short praise of the Wazír.