Part I, Chapter V: On the History of the Caliphs: A comparative list of the three periods.
      The Orthodox Caliphs (11—40 A. H. = 632—661 A. D.).
f82a f52a 196 Introduction: A discourse on the Caliphate and Imámate.
      Caliphate of Abú Bakr. (11 A. H. = 632 A. D.).
f82b f52b 197 ‘Umar and Abú Bakr at Muḥammad’s death.
f53a 198 Despatch of ’Usáma b. Zayd against Syria.
f83a 199 The rebellion of Ṭalḥa b. Khuwaylid after the death of the Prophet.
200 Málik killed by Khálid: disagreement of Abú Bakr and ‘Umar.
f84a f53b 201 Campaign against Persia.
f84b f54a 202 Same continued. Conquest of Ubulla. (Imporant details concerning the cur­rent events, when the author had begun to write this history under Náṣir’ud-Dín Qabácha, see above, p. 112, n. 4).
f85a 203 The Battle of Yarmúk; dismissal of Khálid.
f86a f55a 204 Death of Abú Bakr.
f86b 205 Caliphate of ‘Umar. (13 A. H. = 634 A. D.).
206 Continuation of Persian Campaign.
f87a f55b 207 Abu ‘Ubayda refuses presents offered to him by the Dihqáns.
208 The Battle of the Bridge.
f88a f56a 209 Continuation of Persian Campaign. The Caliph ‘Umar sends Jarír b. ‘Abdu’llah al-Bajalí for the reinforcement of Muthanná.
210 S‘ad ibn-i-Abí Waqqáṣ raids the market of Baghdád.
f88b 211 The Persian and Arab armies meet at Qádisiyya.
f89a f56b 212 The Arab ambassadors before Yazdigird.
f89b 213 The Battle of Qádisiyya.
f90a f57a 214 Khálid’s success against the Byzantines.
f90b 215 Further success against the Byzantines: Íliyá taken.
f91a f57b 216 Increasing despair of Yazdigird.
217 The Arabs divide the spoil at Madá’in (Ctesiphon); account of the spoil.
f92a f58a 218 Assassination of ‘Umar by Abú Lúlú, the Persian slave.
219 Dying words of the Caliph ‘Umar.
220 The election of ‘Uthmán to the Caliphate. (23 A. H. = 644 A. D.).
f92b f58a 221 The Caliph ‘Uthmán’s first address to the Muslims.
f58b 222 Abu’l-‘Ayná’ defends ‘Uthmán before one of the ‘Abbásid Caliphs. (A part of this Anec. is quoted in the Tajáribu’s-Salaf, see Browne [Or. G. 3] f. 34a).
f93a 223 Murder of the Caliph ‘Uthmán.
224 Particulars of the Caliph ‘Uthmán’s life and genealogy.
225 (a) ‘Alí’s sentiments towards ‘Uthmán. (b) Another anecdote representing the same.
226 Caliphate of ‘Alí, and his intention to depose Mu‘áwiya. (35 A.H. = 656 A.D.).
f93b f59a 227 Discussion, concerning the internecine wars of the early Companions of the Prophet, at a later period, is both unprofitable and undesirable, as depicted in this anecdote.
228 Anecdote concerning ‘Alí: Elucidation of a verse about ‘Alí.
229 The ‘Íd-i-Ghadír.
230 The Prophet chooses ‘Alí as his adopted brother, while he was inaugurating the ceremony of brotherhood amongst his Compannions in pairs.
f94a 231 Reply to a Khárijite who reviled the Caliph ‘Alí.
f59b 232 A reminiscence of the author when he was preaching at Níshápúr, and a miracle of the Prophet. (Autobiographic details).
f94b 233 The Khárijite conspiracy.
f60a 234 Caliphate of al-Ḥasan, the son of the Caliph ‘Alí. (40 A. H. = 661 A. D.).
      The Umayyad Caliphs (41—132 A. H. = 661—750 A. D.).
f95a 235 The Caliphate of Mu‘áwiya b. Abí Sufyán, and a Memoria Technica of the fourteen Umayyad Caliphs by the author.
236 Anecdote of Hind’s divorce and marriage (and explanation of a line of Firdawsí, not found in A).
f95b f60b 237 How it came about that the sword ever divided the children of ‘Abd-i-Shams and the children of Háshim.
238 Caliphate of Mu‘áwiya I. (41 A. H. = 661 A. D.).
239 al-Ḥasan’s speech on his abdication.
240 Mu‘áwiya’s tribute to ‘Alí’s memory: Mu‘áwiya not to be cursed.
f96a 241 Mu‘áwiya and al-Ḥasan.
242 al-Ḥasan refuses to fight for Mu‘áwiya.
f61a 243 ‘Adí b. Ḥátim and Mu‘áwiya.
244 Mu‘áwiya’s dying counsel to his son Yazíd.
f96b 245 Mu‘áwiya tests ‘Alí by false reports.
246 Caliphate of Yazíd I. (60 A. H. = 680 A. D.). (Author as a preacher in Níshápúr).
f97a f61b 247 Origin of Yazíd’s hatred of al-Ḥusayn.
248 Caliphate of Mu‘áwiya II. (64 A. H. = 683 A. D.). (A part of this anecdote is quoted in the Tajáribu’s Salaf, see Browne [Or. G. 3] f34a).
f97b 249 Caliphate of Marwán I (64 A. H. = 683 A. D.).
f62a 250 Death of Marwán.
251 Caliphate of ‘Abdu’l-Malik (65 A. H. = 685 A. D.).
252 ‘Amr b. Sa‘íd, Ibn Zubayr and Ibnu’l-Ḥanafiyya contend for the Caliphate.
f97b f62a 253 Muṣ‘ab b. Zubayr defeated and slain.
254 Ḥajjáj b. Yúsuf and Músá b. Nuṣayr help ‘Abdu’-Malik.
f98a 255 ‘Abdu’llah b. Zubayr, Mukhtár and Ibnu’l-Ḥanafiyya.
f99a f63a 256 ‘Abdu’l-Malik and the Qur’án.
f99b 257 ‘Abdu’l-Malik reproached for the blood of the believers shed by him.
* 258 Caliphate of al-Walíd (86 H. A. = 705 A. D.).
* 259 al-Walíd refuses to become a miser.
f63a 260 Caliphate of Sulaymán. (96 H. A. = 715 A. D.).
f63b 261 Sulaymán’s love for the family of ‘Alí and severity towards Non-Muslims.
f100a 262 Caliphate of ‘Umar b. ‘Abdu’l-‘Azíz. (99 A. H. = 717 A. D.).
263 Virtues of ‘Umar II.
264 Defeat of Turkish invaders during the Caliphate of ‘Umar II.
265 Caliphate of Yazíd II. (101 A. H. = 720 A. D.).
266 Kindness shown by Yazíd II to al-Ḥasan’s daughter Fáṭima.
f100b f64a 267 Harshness of Yazíd II towards his brother.
268 Posthumous proofs of ‘Umar II’s policy: the two locked chambers.
269 Caliphate of Hishám. (105 A. H. = 724 A. D.).
f101a 270 Persecution of Qadarís, the fate of Ghaylán.
271 Caliphate of Walíd II. (125 A. H. = 743 A. D.).
f64b 272 Immorality and heresy of Walíd II.
273 Narrative of Walíd’s concubine who took his place at public prayer.
274 Murder of Walíd II.
f101b 275 Caliphate of Yazíd III. (126 A. H. = 744 A. D.). His Persian mother Máh-Áfaríd, the great-grand-daughter of Yazdigird.
276 End of Yazíd III’s Caliphate.
277 Ibráhím Ibnu’l-Walíd, his short reign of 72 days. (126 A. H. = 744 A. D.).
278 Marwán revolts against Ibráhím.
f65a 279 Caliphate of Marwán II. (127—132 A. H. = 744—750 A. D.).
280 Fall of the Umayyads.