Part IV, Chapter IX = LXXXIV: On Persons who escaped from the clutches of Wild Beasts.
f28b f309b-
1866 Introduction. The Ṣúfí saint Ibráhím al-Khawwáṣ thrown on a desolate shore takes a solemn oath not to eat the flesh of elephants in any case; consequently he is spared by the elephant that killed all his companions who had eaten its young. (Cf. T. F. S. II, ix, p. 73; also D. H. H. II, p. 269, where a similar story is ascribed to Abú Abdu’llah al-Qalánisí).
f29a 1867 A morsel, doled out daily by an old woman, protects her son from harm and saves his life from a tiger. (Cf. T. F. S. ibid., p. 74).
f29b 1868 Presage of being killed by a wild beast, and the wonderful rescue of a person from a tiger. (Cf. T. F. S. ibid., p. 75).
f310b 1869 The account of the adventure of a revenue inspector of Abu’l-Ḥasan ‘Alí b. Khalaf, the governor of Shíráz appointed by the Wazír Abú Muḥam­mad al-Muhallabí, and the story of his mutilated hand, and the thrilling tiger-ride. (Cf. T. F. S. ibid., p. 75).
f30b f311a 1870 The strange story of a monkey that was committing an unnatural act with a woman, and wanted to bribe a person who had detected the outrage. (Cf. T. F. S. ibid., pp. 78—9).
1871 Another miraculous rescue of a fugitive slave called Ayyúb from the clutches of a tiger. (Cf. T. F. S. ibid., p. 79).
1872 Another clever rescue from a boar and a tiger.
f31a f311b 1873 A champion “strong man” strangles an elephant by seizing upon the trunk of the animal. (Cf. T. F. S. ibid., pp. 79—80).
1874 Another thrilling encounter with tigers. (Cf. T. F. S. ibid., p. 80).
f31b 1875 A tiger rescues a debtor, who was kind to her cubs, from the cruel exaction of his creditor. (Cf. T. F. S. ibid., p. 81).
1876 The story of a dangerous snake in a garden in Dayr, and the family of wonderful snake-charmers. (Cf. T. F. S. ibid., pp. 81—2).
f32a f312a 1877 A paralysed person cured naturally by the stings of a scorpion. (Cf. T. F. S. ibid., p. 83).
1878 ‘Ubaydu’llah b. Muḥammad aṣ-Ṣúrí’s escape from a cave near Sinjár. (Cf. T. F. S. ibid., pp. 83—5).
f32b f312b 1879 Daysam b. Ibráhím, an ally of Sayfu’d-Dawla, relates an account of a wonderful rescue of a child that was accidentally thrown into water and picked up by an eagle. (Cf. T. F. S. ibid., p. 85).
f32b f312b 1880 The life-story of an Egyptian who was called Ibnu’t-Timsáḥ or the son of the crocodile. (Cf. T. F. S. ibid., p. 86).
f33a 1881 The miraculous rescue of Abu’l Qásim b. A‘lam al-‘Alawí al-Faylasúf from a tiger. The truth of the saying of the Prophet, “the flesh of the children of Fáṭima (may God be pleased with her) is immune from the devouring of beasts, and the one who is devoured by a beast is an impostor (not of the line of Fáṭima)” is also illustrated from the ordeal of the Imám ‘Alí b. Músá ar-Ridhá and the false Zaynab. (Cf. T. F. S. ibid., p. 86).
f313a 1882 How ‘Abdu’l-‘Azíz b. al-Ḥasan al-Azdí, a merchant of Baṣra, was wondrously saved by weasels from a serpent. (Cf. T. F. S. ibid., p. 89).
1883 Another thrilling rescue of a person, who was surrounded by a tiger and a snake on either side. (Cf. T. F. S. ibid., p. 91).
1884 Another mysterious rescue of the Qádhí Abú Sá’ib from a wild beast while returning from a visit to the tomb of the Imám Ḥusayn b. ‘Alí. (Cf. T. F. S. ibid., p. 92).
      The chapter ends as usual with a eulogy on the Wazír.
      N. B. This chapter is entirely translated from at-Tanúkhí’s al-Faraj ba‘da’sh-Shidda.