Part III, Chapter XVIII = LXVIII: On the Contemptibility of Ingratitude and stories of Persons who were punished for it.
f256b f270b-
1712 Introduction on ingratitude, illustrated a quatrain from the author himself. The famous Abú Bakr [Muḥammad b. ‘Abbás] al-Khwárazmí ungratefully leaves the court of the Ṣáḥib Ismá‘íl b. ‘Abbád.
f257a 1713 How Ṭáhir-i-Dhu’l-Yamínayn contrived to get the governorship of Khurásán, and how he betrayed al-Ma’mún and died a mysterious death.
f257b f271b 1714 The ungrateful ‘Awán, who enjoyed the protection of a money-broker of Kúfa in the days of the suppression of the Khárijites by Muṣ‘ab b. Zubayr, brings a false charge against him in the time of al-Ḥajjáj, which leads to his own ruin.
f258a 1715 Maslama b. ‘Awf raises the standard of revolt against his benefactor, ‘Amr b. ‘Abdu’l-Malik, and is killed in the encounter.
1716 ‘Amr b. Layth is sent in a cage to Baghdád by the Sámánid ruler, Ismá‘íl, at the order of the Caliph, al-Mu‘tadhid.
1717 Bahrám Chúbín’s ingratitude, and his miserable life and the old woman’s poor entertainment.
f258b f272a 1718 The revolt of Afshín in the reign of the Caliph al-Mu‘taṣim, his capture along with his Sámánid ally, Aḥmad b. Naṣr, the historic trial and his execution.
f259a f272b 1719 The fate of Ṭughril, the usurper, and the coronation of Farrukhzád. (The Ta’ríkh-i-Yamíní as the source, see above, pp. 60—2).
f260a 1720 [Malik Ikhtiyáru’d-Dín] Dawlatsháh [Balká b. Ḥusámu’d-Dín ‘Awadh Kha­lají]’s revolt against Iltutmish. (A contemporary event that happened in 628 A. H. It marks the latest limit of the compilation, see above, p. 20).
      The conclusion of this chapter is of contemporary interest, and ends with an encomium on the Wazír.