Part III, Chapter X = LX: On the Contemptibility of Perjury and bad Faith.
f228b ff254 1641 Introduction. The Prophet prefers to ignore the troubles of his daughter rather than break his promise of awarding a war-slave to Abu’l-Haytham.
f254b 1642 The Prophet Ismá‘íl waits for two days at the same place in fulfilment of his promise.
1643 Afrásiyáb’s vow to succour the weak and oppressed and to subjugate the cruel and high-handed.
1644 Mu‘áwiya confers with ‘Amr ibnu’l-‘Áṣ on the eve of the Battle of Ṣiffín and explains how institutions soon fall into decay if promises are not kept.
f229a 1645 ‘Abdu’l-Malik b. Marwán breaks his promise to ‘Amr b. Sa‘íd ibnu’l-‘Áṣ, and orders his assassination, which in the end leads to his own ruin.
f229b f255a 1646 A court jester taunts a Wazír of the ruler of Khurásán who would promise people to do anything for them, but never kept his word.
f229b f255a 1647 The pact of Ghassán b. Jahm and his wife Umm-i-‘Uqba bint ‘Amr not to marry again after each other’s death; but after the death of Ghassán Umm-i-‘Uqba marries again, and sees the apparition of her former hus­band, and dies afflicted. (The Kitáb-i-Shajaratu’l-‘Aql as the source (?)).
f230a 1648 Báytúz attacks Ṭugháytigín (?), the ruler of Bust, who seeks protection from Náṣiru’d-Dín Sabuktigín. Sabuktigín after a hard fight restores Ṭugháy­tigín to the dependency of Bust, but the ungrateful chief turns traitor, breaks his promises, and conspires against Sabuktigín, who punishes the rebel and captures Bust. (Abú Naṣr al-‘Utbí’s Kitáb-i-Yamíní as the source, see above, pp. 62, 64—5).
f231a f255b 1649 The Khán of Chín, called the son of Sáwají, violates the contract with the Ṭamgháj Khán of Káshghar and invades Turkistán; the Ṭamgháj Khán with the help of Ḥaṣr (? Khidhr) Beg defeats him.
      The chapter ends with a short note on the faithlessness and perjury of Malik Násiru’d-Dín Qabácha, towards Shamsu’d-Dín Iltutmish, and the consequent overthrow of the former, which is fully dealt with in the Preface to the first part of this book.