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E. J. W. Gibb Memorial i
Dedication ix
Foreword xiii
Preface xv
Corrigenda xvii
List of Abbreviations xxi
Chapter I 3
  Observations on the Life and works of the author Sadídu’d-Dín Muḥammad al-‘Awfí.  
Chapter II 23
  The position of the Jawámi‛u’l-Ḥikáyát in Persian prose: — Its value in the field of Historical Anecdotes — Its Typical Sources — Its Encyclopaedic Contents — Its Merits and Defects analysed — Its Influence on Later works — Its Turkish Trans­lations — Its Utilisation by Oriental Scholars for various branches of Study.  
Chapter III 33
  A Conspectus of the Sources of the Jawámi‘u’l-Ḥikáyát (with a list of 37 important notices contributed to the history of Persian Literature).  
Chapter IV 105
  Chronological Arrangement and Description of all the known MSS. of the Jawámi‘u’l-Ḥikáyát with a view to establish a standard text.  
Chapter V 125
  A Comparative Index of the Hundred Chapters of the Jawámi‘u’l-Ḥikáyát based on the 14th century A.D. MSS.  
  (A List of the 100 chapter-headings in the original Persian).  
  (A Key to the Comparative Index).  
Chapter VI 137
  A Complete Table of Contents of the Jawámi‘u’l-Ḥikáyát, consisting of 2113 titles of anecdotes.  
  Part I (comprising 25 chapters, I—XXV)
  Chapter I: On the Knowledge of the Creator
  Chapter II: On the Miracles of the Prophets
  Chapter III: On the Anecdotes of the Saints (with comparative references)
  Chapter IV: On the Account of the Ancient Kings of Persia, Greece, China, India, and of the Turks and Arabs
  Chapter V: On the History of the Caliphs: A comparative list of the three periods
  Chapter VI: On the Excellence of Justice and of Just Kings
  Chapter VII: On the Virtues and Memorable Traits of the Kings
  Chapter VIII: On the Witty Sayings of the Kings
  Chapter IX: On the Punitive system of the Kings
  Chapter X: Answers to Petitions, and Royal Mandates
  Chapter XI: On the Sagacity of eminent persons
  Chapter XII: On sound judgments which enhanced the success of Kings
  Chapter XIII: On Wiles and Stratagems in Statecraft
  Chapter XIV. On the Able Wazírs and their statesmanship
  Chapter XV: On the advice given by sages and holy men to rulers
  Chapter XVI. On pithy and judicious answers given by wise men
  Chapter XVII. On the Anecdotes of the Qádhís or Judges
  Chapter XVIII. On the Anecdotes of the Secretaries
  Chapter XIX: On the Anecdotes of Favourites and Courtiers
  Chapter XX: On the Anecdotes of Physicians
  Chapter XXI: On the Anecdotes of Oneiromancers
  Chapter XXII: On the Anecdotes of the Astrologers, and their predictions
  Chapter XXIII: On the Anecdotes of Poets and their Extempore Verses
  Chapter XXIV: On the Anecdotes of the Musicians
  Chapter XXV. On the Anecdotes of sagacious and acute persons
  Part II (comprising 25 chapters, XXVI—L)
  Chapter I = XXVI: On the Excellence of Modesty
  Chapter II = XXVII: On the Excellence of Humility
  Chapter III = XXVIII: On the Excellence of Forgiveness
  Chapter IV = XXIX: On the Excellence of Clemency
  Chapter V = XXX: On the Excellence of Magnanimity
  Chapter VI = XXXI: On the Excellence of Culture and Discipline
  Chapter VII = XXXII: On the Excellence of Mercifulness
  Chapter VIII = XXXIII: On the Excellence of trust and confidence in God
  Chapter IX = XXXIV: On the Excellence of Generosity and Liberality
  Chapter X = XXXV: On the Excellence of Benevolence
  Chapter XI = XXXVI: On the Excellence of Hospitality
  Chapter XII = XXXVII: On the Excellence of Courage
  Chapter XIII = XXXVIII: On the Excellence of Patience and Endurance
  Chapter XIV = XXXIX: On the Excellence of Gratitude
  Chapter XV = XL: On the value of Prudence and Vigilance
  Chapter XVI = XLI: On the Excellence of Asceticism and Piety
  Chapter XVII = XLII: On the Excellence of Effort and Endeavour
  Chapter XVIII = XLIII: On the Propriety of Silence and Speech
  Chapter XIX = XLIV: On the Excellence of Fidelity to Promises and good Faith
  Chapter XX = XLV: On the Excellence of Charity Towards Kith and Kin
  Chapter XXI = XLVI: On the value of Secrecy and keeping Counsel
  Chapter XXII = XLVII: On the Excellence of Honesty.
  Chapter XXIII = XLVIII: On Beauty and Nobility of Character
  Chapter XXIV = XLIX: On the Value of Firmness of Resolution and Determination
  Chapter XXV = L: On the Merits of Consultation and the Defects of independent Judgment
  Part III, Chapters LI—LXXV. On the Despicability of Vices: Blamable qualities and Contemptible Traits in Human Nature.
  Chapter I = LI: On the Diversity of Temperament in Mankind
  Chapter II = LII: On the Contemptibility of Rancour and Envy
  Chapter III = LIII: On the Contemptibility of Avarice and the Meanness of Greedy Persons
  Chapter IV = LIV: On the Contemptibility of Covetousness
  Chapter V = LV: On Robbers and strange Anecdotes about them.
  Chapter VI = LVI: On the Interesting Anecdotes of Beggars
  Chapter VII = LVII: On the Contemptibility of Falsehood and the Advantages of Truth
  Chapter VIII = LVIII: On Heresiarchs and Pseudo-Prophets
  Chapter IX = LIX: On the Despicability of Miserliness
  Chapter X = LX: On the Contemptibility of Perjury and bad Faith
  Chapter XI = LXI: On the Contemptibility of Ignorance
  Chapter XII = LXII: On the Contemptibility of Tyranny and on the History of unjust Rulers
  Chapter XIII = LXIII: On the Contemptibility of Hard-Heartedness and bad Temper and on the Laudability of Politeness and Humaneness
  Chapter XIV = LXIV: On the Contemptibility of Meanness and Vileness and stories of Ignoble Persons
  Chapter XV = LXV: On the Contemptibility of Extravagance and Prodigality
  Chapter XVI = LXVI: On the Contemptibility of Dishonesty and Misappropriation
  Chapter XVII = LXVII: On the Contemptibility of Licentiousness and Misconduct
  Chapter XVIII = LXVIII: On the Contemptibility of Ingratitude and stories of Persons who were punished for it
  Chapter XIX = LXIX: On the Contemptibility of Tale-bearing and Spying
  Chapter XX = LXX: On the Contemptibility of Hastiness and the Advantages of Slowness
  Chapter XXI = LXXI: On Irreligious and Unprincipled persons
  Chapter XXII = LXXII: On Ingenious and Intelligent women
  Chapter XXIII = LXXIII: On Chaste and Virtuous Women
  Chapter XXIV = LXXIV: On Unchaste and Impious Women
  Chapter XXV = LXXV: On the Cunning of Women and the Stories of their Wiles
  Part IV (Comprising 25 chapters, LXXVI—C)
  Chapter I = LXXVI: On the Advantages of the Service of Kings
  Chapter II = LXXVII: On the Disadvantages of the Service of Kings
  Chapter III = LXXVIII: On Fear and Hope
  Chapter IV = LXXIX: On the Efficacy of Prayer and on Persons who obtained Deliverance through the Blessings of their Devotion
  Chapter V = LXXX: On Memorable, Efficacious and Traditional Prayers
  Chapter VI = LXXXI: On propitious Omens and strange Occurences
  Chapter VII = LXXXII: On the Stories of Persons who fell into the Whirlpool of Persecution and escaped through good Luck
  Chapter VIII = LXXXIII: On Persons who escaped from the clutches of Brigands
  Chapter IX = LXXXIV: On Persons who escaped from the clutches of Wild Beasts
  Chapter X = LXXXV: On Persons who fell into the Whirlpool of love and succumbed to it
  Chapter XI = LXXXVI: On Persons who fell in the Whirlpool of Love and succeeded in it
  Chapter XII = LXXXVII: On Persons who fell into the Abyss of Perdition and escaped in the end
  Chapter XIII = LXXXVIII: On the Wonders of Destiny: Luck and Reverses
  Chapter XIV = LXXXIX: On Human Monstrosities and strange Births
  Chapter XV = XC: On Longevity in Animals, and an account of the Long-lived
  Chapter XVI = XCI: (On Cosmography): On “Climes” and Routes, and cold and hot Regions
  Chapter XVII = XCII: On the Byzantines, the Arabs, the Indians, the Abyssinians and the inhabitants of the Jazá’ír
  Chapter XVIII = XCIII: On Monuments and remarkable Buildings
  Chapter XIX = XCIV: On strange Talismans
  Chapter XX = XCV: On the Curious Properties of Natural Objects
  Chapter XXI = XCVI. On the pecularities of animals and their curious effects
  Chapter XXII = XCVII: On wild and ferocious animals
  Chapter XXIII = XCVIII: On Strange Animals
  Chapter XXIV = XCIX: On Strange Birds and their Peculiarities
  Chapter XXV = C: On Pieces of Humour and the Facetiousness of Eminent Persons
Chapter VII 263
  Re-classification of the Contents of the Jawámi‘u’l-Ḥikáyát.  
Chapter VIII 271
  A Complete Alphabetical List of all the works mentioned in the Jawámi‘u’l-Ḥikáyát.  
Index 277
Appendix 315