FAIR blooms the ROSE, but more than doubly fair,
Ting’d with fresh bloom from beauty’s cheek divine,
What balmy odours scent the vernal air,
But ah! how heighten’d by the charms of WINE.
How sweet to wander through the shady vale,
Or on the flow’r-clad margin of the stream
Breathe the mild incense jasmine bowers exhale,
And seek their covert from the noon-day beam.
But sweeter far, when to these varied joys,
(Unseen—secluded from life’s busy throng)
Far from the city or the camp’s rude noise,
Soft flows the NIGHTINGALE’s melodious song.
Yet ’midst these scenes where NATURE smiles around,
Aided by all the boasted powers of ART,
The draught of bliss, and MUSIC’s mingling sound,
But vainly strive where LOVE has won the heart.
O SELIMA! dear sociate of my soul,
Deem’st thou thine ACHMED here can find delight?
Can aught of these the anxious sigh controul,
That heaves for thee, in whom all charms unite?