THE TRUMPET and the TEBEL’s* din, no more
Invade my slumbers, or my soul inspire,
To seek grim-visaged WAR, and stain’d with gore,
Join FURY’s yell, or light DESTRUCTION’s fire.
To banish PITY from my burning heart,
Pant with dire rage of Conquest and of Prey;
Defy the lifted shemshere and the dart,
While demons triumph in the deadly day.
No—Heaven-born PEACE, beneath thy sacred palm,
Far, far removed from all the strife of KINGS,
My deeply wounded heart imbibes that balm,
The soft breeze gently scatters from thy wings.
What haggard forms in murky mantles clad,
Have ris’n around, whilst memory mark’d each deed?
Torn with REMORSE, my soul, in anguish mad,
From dark thought starting, saw their war-wounds bleed.
Yet now, sweet PEACE! those terrors disappear:
I feel the beam of MERCY’s mildest ray
Dispel those glooms, my sinking spirits cheer,
And light them into thy fair dawn of day.
With thee, ’tis HEAVEN, in this lone cave to dwell,
A throne without thee is a pledge of HELL!