THE plaintive minstrel of the midnight grove
Had ceased his song. Now beam’d the orient day,
And all the powers of young DELIGHT and LOVE
Hail’d the glad influence of the morning ray.
On the bent foot-stalk of the lovely flower
Whose virgin beauties now their tints disclose,
Blind to a thousand blooms that graced the bower,
The love-sick NIGHTINGALE address’d the ROSE.
‘Fairest of all the daughters of the spring;
Supreme o’er all the flowers that round thee bloom;
To whom all captive hearts their tribute bring;
O why effuse that more than sweet perfume?
‘My raptured senses thrill with soft delight
Till pleasing languor steals thro’ all my frame.
The lamp of LOVE thus glows serenely bright,
Effusing odours that the soul inflame.’
In bashful silence blush’d the lovely ROSE,
While sportive Zephyr midst her foliage play’d,
Bidding the infant buds their tints disclose,
And to the NIGHTINGALE these notes convey’d.
‘Know, sweetest warbler, to requite thy song,
Whose plaintive melody enchants the soul,
These balms of Eden as I flew along
From the entrancing SELIMA I stole.
‘From her soft bosom bore them to this bower,
And breath’d their fragrance on thy darling flower.’