WITHOUT a shade, where beams the orient light?
Where blooms the lovely rose without a thorn?
Is there a day without succeeding night?
Is there a MAN to no MISFORTUNE born?
Is there a SULTAN free from cares of state?
Is there a VIZIER free from anxious dread?
Is there a chieftain with success elate,
Whose FORTUNE hangs not on a spider’s thread?
Is there a sea unrufled by a storm,
Or rock-fenced shore unbeaten by the main?
Is there a sky no tempests e’er deform,
Or cloud that melts not into falling rain?
Ev’n now, the glorious SUN eclipsed I see,
Deep sunk in shadows, lo! his beams decay:
Why then, should prosperous FORTUNE favor me,
Thro’ life’s dim circle with a cloudless ray?
Grant me, just GOD! a calm, unfetter’d mind,
A humble heart—in all, to thee resign’d.