THE gliding brook’s soft murmurs lull to rest,
Scarce breaking, silent EVE! thy potent charm:
Amid these shades, as with the heavenly blest,
PEACE reigns superior to each vain alarm,
For vain I deem the TYGER’s hungry rage;
In vain the Scorpion bears his deadly sting;
In vain would man his lawless warfare wage;
Where PROVIDENCE extends the guardian wing.
Beneath that shelter, ACHMED, rove serene,
Or rest secure, for Heaven is virtue’s friend.
No more shall FORTUNE’s ever-changeful scene,
’Twixt thee and PARADISE its veil extend.
Tho’ earth-born vapours float before thy sight,
Tho’ dim that sight while thou art wrapp’d in clay,
Yet gloom-clad DEATH shall raise thy soul to light,
As darkness leads but to the morning ray.
’Till that determined hour, may FAITH divine
Strengthen a grateful heart, and health and peace be thine.