Introduct.p.viii.for aud r. et.
Ibid.p.xiv.for Mortader r. Moctader
Page59,l.18.for unknown to man, r. to man unknown
68,l.14.for Will r. Wilt
71,l.13.for HAKHEEM, r. HAKEEM.
78,l.19.for wordly r. worldly.
139,l.5.for skies r. sky.
186,l.4.for ‘Tired’ r. Tired.
237,l.3.for ‘caled’ r. called.
250,l.16,for <Arabic> r. <Arabic>
258,l.22,dele a.
259,l.6,for <Arabic> r. <Arabic>
The folios in the Notes between 232 and 241 are mis-num­bered 133 to 140.