FAR from my SELIMA, my soul’s delight!
How cheerless gleams the radiant orb of day!
How gloom the tedious hours of silent night,
As life’s dull current sick’ning wastes away!
For sure, in fate’s dark volume yet remains
No lingering curse, more cruelly severe
Than that which binds my captive heart in chains,
And dooms it thus to die desponding here.
Yet Heaven decrees—an EXILE thus I rove,
And I submit, for what Heaven wills is best;
Supported by that faith, and ACHMED’s love,
Let RESIGNATION calm thy troubled breast.
Know, from each grief, each anguish we endure,
From each privation of repose or joy,
Returning pleasures will arise more pure,
From all the lifeless dross and dull alloy.
As the sweet music of the vernal grove
Succeeds the horrors of the wintry storm:
As the fond turtle views his faithful dove,
Succeed the ravenous vulture’s fearful form:
So shall the hour that brings me to the arms
Of thee, sweet MAID! atone for years of pain.
Ah! while that kindling hope my bosom warms,
The flood of life swells rapturous every vein.
O what an OCEAN of unbounded bliss
Around me then its circling tide shall roll!
Thou PEARL of BEAUTY! mid that deep abyss,
Shalt reign the sovereign treasure of my soul!