THE blast of DEATH howls o’er the CASPIAN wave;*
Deep peals of thunder shake the vault of night:
Demons of DISCORD burst th’ infernal cave,
And join the yell of HORROR and AFFRIGHT.
Impetuously along the dark profound,
Contending meteors fly from sphere to sphere;
Yet while their lightnings fire the heavens around,
My steady soul disdains each mortal fear.
Dear Maid! thy faithful bosom well I know,
Heaves for thine ACHMED many a tender sigh;
Breathes oft the fervent prayer, the sacred vow2
TO THE MOST MERCIFUL, who reigns on high.
And sure, who formed thee thus divinely fair,
Who bade thy heart with purest passion glow,
Will smile to peace, the Demons of Despair,
Or hurl them flaming to the deeps below.
Reverse each power of NATURE by his nod,
Ere, SELIMA, one pang shall wound thy breast!
Bright beam of BEAUTY—loveliest work of GOD,
He formed thee only to behold thee blest!