LET the bards of YEMEN* praise
GAUTHA’s* groves, and musky gales;
Let the song of rapture raise
All the sweets of SHEDAD’s* vales.
SARU* boast her favor’d soil,
Orange walks, and viny fields,
That reward their planter’s toil
With every fruit luxuriance yields.
Let the blushful goblet glow
Rich with sparkling draughts of joy;
Let the land of HIND* bestow
Gems and gold without alloy.
Pure as ZAGAN’s* breezes breathe,
Pure as springs her fount of health,
BENDER-CONGO’s* waves bequeath
Boundless gifts of pearly wealth.
Incense from the shades of LAR,*
Diamonds bring from KORGA’s* shore,
Gleaming like the morning star
On the swords of NIZABOUR!*
SHIRABEH!* still thy genial veins afford
A nobler banquet and a richer hoard.
What’s wealth, what’s wine, or balms that scent the air,
To that which eases GRIEF and sooths DESPAIR?
Let the buds of BEAUTY bloom,
Living roses of delight;
Smiling mirth dispelling gloom,
Clad in robes of ruby light.
Every charm with these combine,
FANCY forms and POETS sing;
All that HOPE e’er pictured, mine,
All that FEAR in shades can fling.
Let the worldly-wise disclaim
ACHMED’s hopes and ACHMED’s fears,
Strive to blast his every aim,
And veil his views in clouds of tears.
SHIRABEH! still thy lacteal veins produce
A vital spirit, an etherial juice,
Whose SECRET POWERS thro’ midnight shades display
Far lovelier prospects than th’ autumnal day;
With sportive zephyr blend AFFLICTION’s sigh;
In bowers of bliss seal SORROW’s wasted eye;
Improve the bloom of BEAUTY’s virgin rose;
Heighten each joy that rapturous LOVE bestows;
Aid FANCY’s wing thro’ starry realms to soar;
And ope the treasuries of mystic lore;
To flights sublime inspire the POET’s lay,
’Till sweet Delirium waft his soul away;
Away to unknown regions of delight,
Where forms irradiant meet the wondering sight;
Where happy spirits all benignant glow,
While SELF-LOVE’s giant mantle shrowds the world below.