UNRIVALL’D MAID, whose heart-alluring eyes
Call forth yon orb that pours his golden ray
Wide o’er the plain, where ISPHAUN’s* minarets rise,
To view thy charms diffuse a brighter day!
When wintry glooms have long o’ercast the sky,
And chilling blasts, from TOURAN’s* desert borne,
Cause every flower and fragrant herb to die;
The mournful cypress lifts its head forlorn.
For then, no more soft HEZAR’s* soothing song,
Join’d with the shepherd’s voice salutes the vale;
Nor the light breeze from SABA* bears along
The mingled fragrance balmy groves exhale.
But when the genial hours of SPRING return,
Fraught with each joy that NATURE’s bosom warms;
The waving cypress shall no longer mourn,
Sweetly surrounded by unnumber’d charms.
Let not, O SELIMA! thy beauty’s SUN,
Veil’d in dark clouds, from ACHMED hide its rays:
No! let it shine on him—on him alone,
Whose lute now sounds enchanted with thy praise.
Life of my soul! withheld by love and thee,
I cease to tempt the dangers of the field:
Nor spoils nor triumphs now have charms for me,
Nor all the gems GOLCONDA’s* mountains yield.
This heart, with ardors-grateful saints might own,
Whose songs resound thro’ EDEN’s happy grove,
Lives for its darling SELIMA alone,
Whose form is BEAUTY, and whose soul is LOVE!