1199 A. H.
[14th November, 1784—3rd November, 1785.]

IN this year Haidar Beg, as Governor Hastings had left for England and Governor Macpherson was only temporary, went farther than before and entrusted the revenue and military affairs of the province to persons who had helped him in his previous troubles. He now plotted against some well-known men, nobles and military officers, who had up to that time man­aged to hold their own. In the course of time he overthrew them. Among these were Jamshed Beg and Khwaja Ni’matullah. He sent them from Luck­now with 2,000 Turk sawárs on the pretence of their assisting ’Atá Beg Khán, a relative of his and faujdár of A’zamgarh. The Khán was waiting for them and gave the order for the disbanding of the Turk sawárs, and produced a firmán for their plunder in case they should return to Lucknow. On this account most of these sawárs went off to Akbarábád.

Another of Haidar Beg’s acts was the disbanding of the regiment which had captured the fort of Gwa­liar. This regiment was in the Company’s service and came with the Governor to Lucknow. The Wazír was pleased with their smartness and skill in manœuvre, and by great importunity induced the Governor to give them to him, and he had retained them in his own service.