1194 A. H.
[8th January, 1780—27th December, 1780.]

IN this year Murtaza Khán Baríj, a rasáldár com­manding 2,000 cavalry, was dismissed and joined Zulfiqáru’d Daulah. He was one of Haidar Beg Khán’s benefactors, and in return he met with what he experienced. Mr. Middleton also was removed, and in his place came Mr. Hussey, and after a short interval the appointment of Resident was filled by Mr. Purling. In the middle of this year General Coote visited Lucknow. The Wazír went to Allahábád to meet him, and entertained him as his guest. Mr. Harry Vansittart, Hoshyár Jang and Mr. Johnson accom­panied the General, and were his advisers. Colonel Hannay came down from the country of Sarwár to wait on the General, and as he was much displeased with Haidar Beg Khán, he disclosed his iniquities and intended to procure his punishment, but as the General was obliged to return quickly by order of the Coun­cil, the matter was deferred.