Sagacious, liberal and gentle
An angel in the form of a man
He spreads wide the carpet in the courtyard
Happiness is obtained in proportion as he smiles.

On the day of Āẕar 9 Ābān, Divine month, corresponding to Thursday, 25 Jumāda-al-ākhir (22 October 1573), those three holy-dispositioned ones underwent the rite of circumcision, and became nurslings adorning the garden of Hope.


Was the petal of the red rose scattered by the wind
Or did the rosebud draw the veil from her face?
Nay, nay; when the fruit of the tree of desire formed, 75
The expanded blossom dropped from the branch.

The world became pleasant to small and great. Such an occa­sion for expansion of the heart revealed itself to the spiritual and temporal ruler who continually used without occasion to cast treasures into the bosom of the poor and needy. The acute can imagine what sumptuous liberality was displayed! The garland-weaver of the age (Akbar) in appearance gives adornment to the creature, inwardly, he keeps close to the incomparable Divinity and his heart is embellished by the obliteration of the marks of existence.


Good God! From his unequalled genius
Wisdom was part of his nature.
I do not comprehend one drop of his abundance,
I do not see even one particle of his light.

One of the benefit-conferring and auspicious acts was his having himself weighed against precious things. Mankind were made happy by gifts and forgivenesses.


He's a Shah whose heart holds the mighty talisman,
Heaven's nine* treasures come short of his weight.
His sublimity is such that he cannot be weighed
Unless, perhaps, they put two worlds in the other scale.