The third volume, Bib. Ind. ed., begins in the middle of the 17th year of the reign. This is because the 30th year of Akbar's life ended then. The date nearly synchronises with that of the death of Sulai­mān Kararānī, ruler of Bengal. He died in the beginning of Ābān 980 A.H. (11 October, 1572), and Akbar was born 8 Ābān, 949, equal to 15 October, 1542, and so was thirty when the volume begins.

With reference to Blochmann's note, p. 427 of his translation of Āīn Akbarī, it should be pointed out that the abaqāt-i-Akbarī does not explicitly state that Sulaimān died in 980 A.H., and that Ferishta, who professes to copy the T.A., gives the date of Sulaimān's death as 981. Badāūnī, however, has 980, see Lowe's translation, p. 166, and there seems no doubt that 980 is correct.

I have received much help from the Index to the Persian edition, but it is a mere list, and embarrasses one by the multitude of entries. Thus, it has 84 entries under the word Agra, though nearly all are unimportant. There are only two, or at most three, worth looking up. The indexers have made their lists with considerable care, but some entries are wrong and mix up two or three persons of the same name. Some entries also are under insignificant headings, such as Rajah, Mirzā, etc.

H. B.