The sound of Spring took the world with delight, and the breeze of joy brought the disposition of youth. The world's lord (the Sun) gave a new form to Divine worship, and by the call to prayer fur­nished ornamentation to the Spring.


Time gave colour and fragrance to Spring.
It put a nosegay into hand of wish.
It made over the garden to the night-breeze.
The plain* of Tibet and the Spring of Kashmīr.

On the eve of Friday, 2 Shābān 1005, 11 March 1597, after the passing of 3 hours, 12 minutes, the light-giver of creation arrived at the house of his exaltation. The sky rose up to paint and the earth sate to be painted. On 6 Farwardīn Himmat Singh, the son of Raja Mān Singh, died. He was distinguished for courage and manage­ment. He died of diarrhoea, and the Kachwāha tribe fell into grief. The affectionateness of H.M. administered balm and produced some resignation in them. On the 9th, Ṣādiq K. died. After the victory he was with Prince Sulān Murād in Shāhpūr. The latter com­manded, and ruled well with the help of his service. In* every­thing he did he never ceased to do what was proper. Diar­rhoea ended in dysentery, and he yielded up his breath with gaspings. A remarkable thing was that some time before this the Khan Ā'im saw him in this condition in a dream. On the 17th H.M. enjoyed a banquet at Khwājahgī Fatḥ Ullah's. Suddenly some rue was burnt in the face of fortune. Fire seized the preparations for the New Year feast and the flames went from the court-yard to the holy mansion. Apparently, a spark from the royal bedchambers set fire to an awning,* and then there arose a conflagration. Efforts were made for several days to extinguish the fire.* H.M. had no mind this year for such a feast. His whole idea was to visit Kashmīr. A remark­able thing was that there was a similar fire in the quarters of Prince Murād (in the Deccan).

Next day there was an illumination on the same place, and the feast of the Sharf (culmination) took place. Qulij K. was raised to the rank of 4,500, and Ism'aīl Quli to 4,000. M. Jānī Beg and Shāh Beg were raised to 3,500. Far and near, high and low received suitable favours.