MOHAMMED SHAH undertakes an Expedition against Aly Mohammed Khan the Rohillah*.

IN the month of Sefer*, A. H. 1158, (or A. D. 1745), the Emperor, at the instigation of Sefder Jung, undertook an expedition against Aly Mohammed Khan, who had made himself independent in Ownlah, Bungurh, and other places. He had been originally a private soldier, and raised himself by degrees into con­sideration, by his valour and superior abilities. He rendered many important services to the empire, but at last having seduced the Rajah of the mountains of Khamawen, and the adjacent countries, he entertained more ambitious views, and at last made himself independent of all authority. Sefder Jung, the Soobahdar of Oudh, was alarmed at his progress, and considered him as a thorn in his side: he therefore carried on the war with vigour, and Aly Mohammed was on the brink of destruction. But Kummereddeen Khan, the Vizier, who was negotiating a mar­riage between his own son, and a daugh­ter of the Rohillah Chief, being anxious to save him from ruin, assured the Emperor that Aly Mohammed was ready to make his submissions in person. The Enperor having been apprised, that Sef­der Jung in his advice, was chiefly actuated by selfish motives; and being desirous of pleasing Kummereddeen Khan, as well as in consideration of the exigency of his own affairs, consented to the proposal. Before the Imperial army made its appearance against Aly Mohammed, he had taken the precaution to send all his treasure and valuable effects to Kaim Jung, son of Mohammed Khan Bungish. The Emperor, there­fore, considering the near approach of the rains, and the dissentions amongst the Omrahs, contented hlmself with what had fallen into his hands, and returned to Shahjehanabad. It having been stipulated that Aly Mohammed Khan should reside in some other part of the empire, the Vizier had him appointed Foujdar of Sirhind, on which place the Tunkhas for the payment of the Turany troops were granted.