The Route of the Caravan from Baghdad
to Mecca.

The nearest road from Baghdad to Mecca is across the desert, by the wall of Zobiedeh. The intention in building this wall was not merely that blind people might be able thereby to find their way to Mecca, but it was also necessary to mark the road for the Caravan; for the sands shift so frequently, that no path can be traced thereon. However, on account of the wars in which the wild Arabs are at present engaged amongst themselves, as well as their disagreement with Ahmed Pasha, he advised us not to think of going that road, as it would be extremely dangerous. We followed his advice, and determined to take the route of Aleppo and Damascus.

Previous to giving an account of our journey, I shall insert a list of the stages from Baghdad to Mecca, reckoning by hours, as is the custom throughout the Turkish empire. The hour and farsang will be found to be the same thing, because in these calculations an astronomical hour, is the distance that a good camel when loaded will travel in that space of time, which will be found to be a farsang, or 2½ cose of Hindostan. Many Turks carry Europe watches in their pockets, and thereby easily calculate the stages of their Journey.

It is necessary to observe, that the stages against which I have written the word desolated, although uninhabited, have springs of water. At these places the travellers strike a light with a flint and steel, and kindle fire to dress their victuals. Where I have remarked, that there is no water, those places are not only uninhabited, but the Caravan is obliged to carry water thither. The places opposite to which I have set no remark, are well inhabited. This list of roads I obtained, with much difficulty, from an experienced Meer Haaj, and several old camel drivers; and having a Europe watch in my pocket, I compared the stages with it, and found the account perfectly correct.

From Baghdad to Nekjeh, 5  
  To Ribath Messiah, 6  
  To Kerabeth. 3  
  To the river Mareen, 4  
  To Kebeeree 7  
  To the bridge of Banoo, 7  
  To Thawaa, 7  
  To the Kerkook, 7  
  To Altan Kobera, 7  
  To Belad Hyder, 7  
  To Abzirb, 6  
  To Kerakosh, 4  
  To Moussel, 4  
  To Khaneh Khrab, 4 desolated.
  To Kosel Kobera 6 do.
  To Dumeeleh, 9 do.
  To Jerakheh, 7 do.
  To the town of Nessi­been, 7  
  To Keraweh, 6 do.
  To Fej Hissar, 6  
  To Hillalee, 7 do.
  To Chah Abbass, 9 do.
  To Aterbee, 7 do.
  To Jereehan, 5  
  To the city of Orfeh 5  
  To Char Mussluck, 8  
  To the town of Bir­jeek, 10  
  To Ahel-hesskee 10  
  To Bab ul Abiyeh, 8  
  To the city of Heleb, (Aleppo) 6  
  To Khan Tooman, 3  
  To Morakib, 9  
  To Muck Sera, 6  
  To Khan Sheikhan, 7  
  To the town of Hum­mee, 7  
  To the town of Hemse, (Emessa) 10  
  To Hussneh, 9  
  To Musk 12  
  To Kateefeh, 9  
  To Demesk (Damas­cus) 12  
  To Zenoon, commonly called Khan Tur­kan, 5  
  To Vullee. 12  
  To Musseeret, 8  
  To Mefruck, 10 no water.
  To Ain Zerkeh, 15  
  To Belaih 12 do
  To the Castle of Kitran, 12  
  To Ain ul Hussee, 13  
  To Asereh, 14  
  To the Castle of Maan, 6  
  To Tehr ul Akebeh, 18  
  To the Castle of Huck­man, 12  
  To the castle of Zat ul Huj, 8  
  To Kaa ul Saar, 13  
  To the Castle of Betook, 6  
  To Tehr ul Aar, 18 no water.
  To Hyder Kelasee, 6  
  To Birkeh Moazem, 18  
  To Dar ul Humra, 18 do.
  To the Castle of Ala, 19  
  To the Beer ul Ghenem, (Well of the Sheep) 5  
  To the Beer ul Jedeed, (the New Well), 18  
  To the Castle of Hend­seeyeh, 18  
  To Mujlisseen, 12  
  To Beer ul Nisf, 8  
  To the city of Medina, 10  
  To the Mosque of She­jereh, 9  
  To Kouboor us Shoada, (the tombs of the Martyrs), 14  
  To Hudeed, 13  
  To Bedre Hunain, 14  
  To Mutta ul Mie­moon, 15  
  To Rabia, 19  
  To Kedeedeh, 14  
  To Wadee Asfan, 12  
  To Wadee Fatimeh, 12  
  To Mecca, 5  

So that from Baghdad to Mecca, are 718 hours or farsangs, equal to 1795 Hindostanee coses, reckoning the farsang to be 2½ coses.