Nadir Shah marches from Shahjehanabad, on his return to Persia, 1
Occurences during Nadir Shah’s expedition against the Afghans of Yousef Zei, 9
Nadir Shah marches to Sind, desolates that coun­try, and makes the Soobahdar prisoner, 16
Nadir Shah marches against Khodayear Khan. He celebrates the festival of the new year, after the manner of the Emperors of Hindostan, 21
A description of the tent decorated with precious stones, 29
Nadir Shah marches from Herat, on an expedition against Turan, 33
Nadir Shah marches from Balkh to Bokhara, 39
The interview of Nadir Shah with the King of Turan, 44
Other occurences at Turan, 51
Nadir Shah marches from Bokhara. He gains a victory over the Turkomans, &c. 57
Nadir Shah marches to Khovarezm, 68
Nadir Shah marches to Khorasan by the road of Meru Shajan, 79
Provincial division of Iran. 89
An account of Nadir Shah’s expedition against Mazenderan, 92
A disputation concerning a verse of the Koran, on which occasion Nadir Shah gives orders for the Pentateuch and Gospel to be translated into the Persian language. 103
The author’s journey from Cazvin to Baghdad, 110
The holy shrines at Baghdad, 116
The author leaves Baghdad and proceeds to Ker­bela, 119
The route of the Caravan from Baghdad to Mecca, 130
Some particulars of the author’s journey from Baghdad to Aleppo, and Damascus, 138
Continuation of the author’s journey through the desert of Medina, 149
The author embarks on board a ship at Jeddeh, bound to Hooghly in Bengal, 159
A summary account of occurences in Bengal, and different parts of Hindostan, 167
Nadir Shah sends ambassadors to Mohammed Shah, 180
Mohammed Shah undertakes an expedition against Aly Mohammed Shah the Rohillah, 183
An account of the murder of Nadir Shah, 186
Transactions at Lahoor, after the death of Zeka­ria Khan, 197
The exaltation of Ahmed Shah Abdalle. He invades Hindostan, 201
The Prince Sultan Ahmed marches to oppose Ahmed Shah Doorany, 208
The defeat of the Abdallees, 213
The death of Mohammed Shah. A summary account of his ancestors, 217
Sultan Ahmed ascends the throne, 232
An account of the death of Aly Mohammed Khan the Rohillah, and of the contentions which ensued between his sons and the Nawab Kaim Khan, son of Mohammed Khan Bungish, 238
Some account of the Nawab Moatemid ul Melouk, Syed Allavee Khan, Hakeem Bashy. 243