[This little work, the production of the Sultán Fíroz Sháh, contains a brief summary of the res gestae of his reign, or, as he designates them, his “Victories.” Sir H. Elliot was un­able to obtain a copy of it, but considered its recovery very desirable, “as everything relating to the noble character of Fíroz is calculated to excite attention.” Colonel Lees also speaks of it, but he had never seen it, and was not well in­formed as to its extent.* Mr. Thomas was more fortunate, for he possesses a copy which purports to have been written in 1139 H. (1726 A.D.), but it is quite modern; the date therefore must be that of the MS. from which it was copied. The work is a mere brochure of thirty-two pages, and the editor has translated the whole of it, with the exception of a few lines in the preface laudatory of the prophet. It exhibits the humane and generous spirit of Fíroz in a very pleasing unostentatious light, recording his earnest endeavours to discharge the duties of his station with clemency, and to act up to the teaching of his religion with reverence and earnestness.]