Bibliographical Note.—The English translation of these anecdotes was first printed by me in 1912 and issued bound up with the short life of Aurangzib and ten essays as Anecdotes of Aurangzib and Historical Essays. The same impression of the translation and life was also issued bound up with the Persian text as Ahkam-i-Alamgiri, in 1915. In the second edition the Persian text, translation, and essays have been com­pletely separated, with the respective titles of Ahkam-i-Alamgiri (1925), Anecdotes of Aurangzib (1925), and Studies in Mughal India (1919), the life of Aurangzib alone being common to the second and third of these works, and twelve new essays added to the last. The Persian text and translation have been minutely revised and corrected and much new information added in the notes, in preparing the second edition, while the short life of Aurangzib in its present form has been improved by incorporation of facts from my longer History of Aurangzib in five volumes now completed (in 1924). In the first edition of the Persian Ahkam many mis­prints occurred through the negligence of the press. These have been now removed, and in several cases also a different reading of the MS. has been accepted by me as the result of reconsideration and thirteen years' further study.


July, 1925.

Printed by Abinash Chandra Sarkar, Prabasi Press, 91, Upper Circular Road.

Published by S. C. Sarkar of M. C. Sarkar & Sons, 90/2 Harrison Road, Calcutta.