A Group of Eastern Romances and Stories
A History of Sind
A History of Sind, Volume II, Translated from Persian Books by Mirza Kalichbeg Fredunbeg
A Narrative of Transactions in Bengal
Alchemy of Happiness
An Abridged Translation of the History of Tabaristan
Analysis and Specimens of the Joseph and Zulaikja (Robinson)
Bahar-Danush (Garden of Knowledge)
Epitome of the Ancient History of Persia
History of the Origin and Progress of the Sicks
Husn oo Dil (Beauty and Heart)
Joseph and Zuleikha (Rogers)
Memoirs of Humayun
Neshani Hyduri
Oriental Mysticism, compiled by E. H. Palmer
Practical Philosophy of the Muhammedan People
Salaman and Absal; Bird Parliament
Select Letters of Tippoo Sultan (Kirkpatrick)
Studies in Islamic Poetry (R. A. Nicholson)
Ta-ri-h-i Sind The History of Sind Ta-ri-h-i Sind
The Adventures of Hatim Tai
The Ahlaq-i Muhsini of Husayn (Morals of the Beneficent)
The Ain-i-Akbari
The Akbarnama of Abu Fazl
The Anecdotes from The Acts of the Adepts
The Anecdotes of Aurangzeb
The Anvar-i Suhaili (The Lights of Canopus)
The Assemblies of Hariri
The Autobiographical Memoirs of Timur (Stewart)
The Bahktyar Nama
The Behanistan of Jami (Rehatsek)
The Beharistan of Jami (Sorabji Fardunji Mulla)
The Book of Sindibad
The Bustan
The Chachnamah
The Chahar Maqala
The Conference of the Birds (abridged from the Mantiq-ut-Tayr)
The Dabistan, or School of Manners
The Description of the Province of Fars in Persia
The Divan of Hafiz (Bell)
The Divan of Hafiz (Le Gallienne)
The Divan of Zeb-un-Nissa (Lal and Westbrook)
The Forms of Herkern
The Geographical Part of the Nuzhat-al-Qulub
The Gulshan i Raz (The Mystic Rose Garden)
The Haft Paikar of Nizami (Wilson)
The History of Asafu'd Daulah, a Translation of Tafzihu'l Ghafilin
The History of India
The History of the Life of Nader Shah
The History of the Moghuls
The History of the Rise of Mohammedan Power in India
The Humayun-namah
The Hundred Love Songs of Kamal Ad-Din of Isfahan
The Jawamiul-Hikayat wa Lawamiur-Riwayat
The Khaza'inul Futuh (Treasures of Victory)
The Kitab-i-Yamini of Al Utbi
The Laili and Majnun
The Lament of Baba Tahir
The Last Days of Krishna and the Sons of Pandu
The Lawaih: a Treatise on Sufism
The Letters from a Sufi Teacher
The Letters of Aurungzebe, translated by Jonathan Scott (1800)
The Life of Hafiz ool-Moolk (Elliott)
The Life of Sheikh Mohammed Ali Hazin
The Literary History of Persia
The Mathnawi of Jallalu'ddin Rumi
The Memoirs of Babur
The Memoirs of Eradut Khan
The Memoirs of Jahangueir (Price)
The Memoirs of Jahangueir (Rogers)
The Memoirs of Khojeh Abdulkurreem
The Mir'at-i Ahmadi (The Political and Statistical History of Gujarat)
The Muntakhabu-’rukh
The Mysorean Revenue Regulations
The Plaints, Consolations, and Delights of Achmed Ardebeili
The Poetry of Rup Mati
The Practical Philosophy of the Muhammadan People
The Rauzat-us-Safa (Rehatsek)
The Riyazu-s-Salatin
The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam (Fitzgerald, 1888)
The Ruka’at-i-Alamgiri (Letters of Aurungzebe)
The Seir Mutaqherin
The Shahnama of Firdausi
The Shajrat ul Atrak
The Sikandar Nama,e Bara
The Story of Valeh and Hadijeh
The Tears of Zebunnisa (Whaley)
The Thousand and One Days (Mcarthy)
The Tuti-Namah (Tales of a Parrot)